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    We're making some high-end men's boots

    @Rain, That article's about how to pick up girls broke. You can get a Motorola Moto E for $150. It's a nice looking phone and perfectly functional. It's not a risk to someone's reputation if he says, "If you're broke, get this cheap phone that still looks great. If you've got money, here's...
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    Sell me on your texting style... Minimalist? Conversationalist? Or Seductive...?

    Howdy gents. I'm doing a big update on my old article on texting to make it current and a lot more useful. In one section I talk about the 3 main texting styles. I define these as: Minimalist: texts are just for logistics. You text as little as possible, and just use texts to get girls on...
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    Forum Feedback Chase is making videos: what topics do you most want to see?

    @Humanoutofelement, As a matter of fact, I have discussed writing quite in-depth before, in several older threads on this forum. Here they are... On my origins as a writer: On structuring your writing...
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    Calls & Texts Girl Counter-offers a date plan

    Actually I agree. On rereading the whole message thread she is doing nothing but short, basic answers. What I wrote in that second respone is too long for her. Thus why you've got to read the whole message thread and not just dash off a quick response based on a single text example :rolleyes...
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    Calls & Texts Girl Counter-offers a date plan

    Nice replies from the guys in this thread. @Skippy, I'll just focus here on what you're after and how to reply. So we've got: The question is... do you want to go hiking? Or not? I guess it's a personality thing. I'm not super outdoorsy and am lazy enough that I just want girls to come...
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    Money. Is it powerful?

    @Rain, Money's conditionally powerful. If you're able to use it to get what you want, it can help you appear powerful. However, if you can't, you may look weak. e.g., rich guy at the party trying to pick up on the hottie hostess in a skimpy outfit. Meanwhile the dead-broke barback is...
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    Forum Feedback Chase is making videos: what topics do you most want to see?

    Cheers for all the requests & ideas, gents! FUNDAMENTALS Lots of requests for fundamentals (@Kvothe, @Roundy, @James D, @Byron). All right, I'll see about doing some fundamentals demo videos. Need to think about the best way to organize that. Also if I can make that look right while...
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    Forum Feedback Chase is making videos: what topics do you most want to see?

    Hey fellas, We're close to the soft launch of our new video site. Quick 1-line summary: YouTube's banning everyone in the pickup niche left and right. We're still on there, but who knows how long. So we've built our own YouTube. Anyway, it is looking pretty good at this point. Tech is 99%...
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    Problem Report What happened to the old drafts?

    @Lover, A quick search of the old DB shows you still had a draft saved there. I've just exported it... will send it to you via PM. New forum only saves drafts for a set amount of time... 24 hours, I thought (though maybe it's 48 now?). I don't believe there's any way around this, other than...
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    Problem Report New article shows 81 comments but has zero

    MD (our developer) has rolled out several pages on the site with 98% of the functionality/formatting done, but some things still not working. The likes and comments counter is supposed to be dynamic, but it's still static at the moment. Hopefully we should have that fixed this week so it isn't...
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    Break up/ Moving on tips?

    @FunkMaster69, Hey man, cool to talk. Glad I was able to have such a positive influence on you in your development. Sounds like you've done great for yourself. I had a weird/complex breakup where I broke up with the girl, then got her back, then some weird stuff happened and we basically just...
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    Covid and Politics Discussion

    While I got a bit of a kick out of being the draconian military commander who switches it up to be the freewheeling PUA when things don't go his way, no skin off his back, agree with Teevster -- faux pas there naming various forum members as participants or non-participants in revolutionary...
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    I'm sorry Chase. You reach my level before I did

    Good looking out, Skills. I do like that style. Come to think of it, I've noticed it a bunch and sort of registered mentally it as 'peak sexy' but never tried it. I'm going try wearing it and see how it suits me. Cheers for the tip!
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    I'm sorry Chase. You reach my level before I did

    Well, I'd tell you, but then you'd pull up my old site on and the level of cringe on there is more than I could bear. Some things are better left buried...
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    I'm sorry Chase. You reach my level before I did

    That's what I use too. Trouble is when you're lazy and already took it off or never put one on... and now you're shagging and it's 5 feet away. Oh man, I like that alliteration. I'll honor it with a brief return from rap retirement... Wanna cockblock me? I'll put you into your grave. Split...