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    How to get a rock hard erection?

    I also take cold showers. They are great for bloodflow all over the body. I swear by them. I've never had a problem with hardness, but I think I have naturally high testosterone. But for me a mindset of really wanted to conquer a woman, make her scream and shriek, and give her incredible sex...
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    Observations vs Insights in The Opener. Most of you suck at this

    Fantastic point. I think too many men fail to put themselves in the girls shoes. If a girl walked up to any of us and said "hey, interesting outfit." You'd be like "the hell...?" But if a girl walked up to you and said "Those are some really amazing suede shoes and peacoat. You look very GQ."...
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    High-Value Woman Tells Me She Wants to be Day-Gamed

    Oh yeah. That was pretty bad. I think most things going mainstream in unpracticed hands tend to get ruined unfortunately
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    High-Value Woman Tells Me She Wants to be Day-Gamed

    I would more often say girls don't know which guys they want to be approached by until it happens ;-)
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    High-Value Woman Tells Me She Wants to be Day-Gamed

    PSA I was out to dinner with a big group of influential friends. One of the main hosts started asking dating advice for his...very sordid romantic life. So one of my other friends, a beautiful half-latina started giving him some advice (albeit not good, but she meant well). So I asked her "What...
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    Beware of "Novel Girl Syndrome"

    Metalbird, I agree One Hundred THOUSAND Percent! Novel Guy Syndrome is so real. In fact, I think I myself fell victim to that recently with a lady. She was super hot on me on the first date, I did not escalate (she was FIRM on not getting physical), but eagerly wanted to do it again. On the...
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    this guy might be onto something

    Hmm, I do need to plan my next big trip but I still haven't decided where to! That sounds very tempting. I'd love to check out Romania. I've been to a few countries in the region but actually never ukraine or romania. If the faces are as beautiful and the booties as fat as you say.....I just may...
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    Beware of "Novel Girl Syndrome"

    You walk into your class in college (or a bar, or a party, or a restaurant, or any location where there might be women) and you see an absolutely beautiful girl across the room. You think to yourself, "wow, she's the most beautiful girl I've seen in a long time." Maybe you strike up a...
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    this guy might be onto something

    Hector, do you live in Eastern Europe now? And yes to all: I have seen that guy before. And the first thing I thought long before this thread is "Wow, this guy is really good looking."
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    I'm a little worst then I thought.

    Zero, that's not necessarily a bad mindset to have, no. It's like when you start a business and you think to yourself, "I could build a billion dollar company." or "I can conquer any challenge." That might not actually be true, but it's a healthy mindset...AS LONG AS you don't become attached to...
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    I'm a little worst then I thought.

    I second this. You're setting yourself up for failure to think you can get anyone anywhere. But it also sounds like you probably were scarred by that experience. Unless you process those girls embarrassing you, you'll never get over it. I'd sit down and meditate. I would visualize the experience...
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    Flake Response Technique: Keep Texting

    Hector, I love this. People don't know what the fuck they want or what they're doing. They're just leaves in the wind. So guys shouldn't take things so seriously. If you're chill and funny then you'll be right there then the wind "blows" in a different direction ;-)
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    Stay in touch, or wait and reset?

    KT, Personally, I'm not a fan of talking to a girl while I'm out of town (or vice versa for that matter). What I usually do is something like: "Hey Name! I had a really good time the other night -- (insert inside joke or fun date reference here). I've gotta head out of town for the next week...
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    Advice on the proess for fixing your posture for good

    I second the recommendation on Somatics. It's strange to think about how many poor habits in our lives (physical and otherwise) are just symptoms of a much deeper unresolved issue. Going to the root takes way more work, but it's the only way to solve a problem permanently
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    Finding meaning, goal-setting and what makes you happy?

    DML, this may sound crazy (bear with me), but I wonder if you're in some kind of trauma loop (I'm about to write a longer post about this). I don't want to make assumptions about your life, nor am I suggesting that you were abused or other such things; what I am saying is that oftentimes when...