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    Easy Sex Talk Gambit - Seducing Men Vs Women

    haha - lets build it out a lil: You know whats even more interesting... how gay guys seduce other gay guys.. then do it on her while you outline it - point being its a lot more direct display, they escalate faster etc. talk about how a certain directness is there since no girls are involved -...
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    How does SAC interact with the 3 Keys?

    I agree w WIA - ive rarely found it valuable to directly try to mix models and the likes in the way youre trying to mentally do it As we develop as seducers or puas, multiple models, techs and insights will come our way across time. Sounds like SAC is a good model and your current frame work...
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    Calls & Texts Girl Counter-offers a date plan

    yeah? Im sure you and your friends will have fun doing that ;) Just playfully decline w a lil punch and continue.
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    How to extract hot babes from amog friends

    ill outline it tmrw when i have a sec could be a nod in a direction with suggestive look or me putting my hand out suggestively for her to take it as if i want her to come with me These are done after escalating the vibe between us though and not blindly, after its on moments have appeared and...
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    How to extract hot babes from amog friends

    so one solution is that i mix - to self depreciate and - to create its on moments with the girls. I literally do the latter next to these guys eg while the guys talks and tries to take space and focus. I do this through ec, escalation of vibe and obvious paying attention to her while he talks...
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    Glows Log

    Female Captivating Presence A woman on the metro entered and did the 45 degree pose with her foot positioned outward oriented semi-towards me within my field of vision. cajun touches upon it in beyond words albeit he never showed it properly. but very nice pointer no matter. Aka a strong...
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    Newbie Assignment Trouble

    i agree w @Tony D and i would add that Immediate Action is tre strongest destroyer of AA the oldest trick for this is to use the three-second-rule aka when you feel that uhlala i like you when you see a hot girl - make it a rule to go in within three seconds condition yourself to this until...
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    Glows Log

    So ive developed a pretty strong way to engage girls DG style basically its dropping hooks shooting out rpos and relatable smilepulling experiences nothing new, remember some guy using the term, but im doing it with RP based hook openers which ive found to work flawlessly so far. its great w...
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    Glows Log

    ah its starting to work again women are responding to me much better on sight just number closed a mind-blowingly sexy girl in a coffee shop after paimaiish initiation of things she was obviously struck by the tension > materialised next to her as they went outside > RPO > question/SOTs #close...
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    What are you currently Field testing? #Round2

    my own focus is divided into two areas: I am stepping up more aka open more or move the connection forward more through prolonged attention, hover opens and materialisations type moveins. Be more determined confident in it vs lazy. Move in. with that i wanna get straight into inside game...
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    What are you currently Field testing? #Round2

    Another round of focus on #fieldfocus - to help shape focus on the right things and at least get the crowd in action to team up a lil. Let us know: What are you currently field testing? Why is this interesting for you? Any learnings so far? Shoot :cool: Stunning 10s and bjs will rain from...
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    Day Game Women in Groups

    +1 Yay! Minicold reads - the positive-fun-creative-misinterp of the girls - is one of my favorite chick crack tactics Ijjjji and i discussed it in great detail here if anyone is interested in the tech itself A small...
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    Building compliance/tension by smelling her

    smaller simple version in the same when the is attraction timing is to whisper in her ear - Do you want to know a small but fascinating secret... i dont like sex! works great in clubs but also provides for a sense of subtle escalation of the vibe and intrique while proving the physical arousal...
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    Glows Log

    Reminder to self - reconnect with the more important parts, dont get lost in... insecurities..? Slow down Attune WORK from there embody that Work from there! eg the slight prolonging or added lag of real connection > chemistry feel eg the sense of the sexual tension eg arising the related...
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    How Important are Approach Invitations

    The key is to own the process of creating ai generating impacts proactively. One core to do this is to own your presence. To your question the ai themselves shouldn't matter much. Learning to create the impact that ignites them does.