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    Videos Borat Has Great Compliance Skills

    A great study in compliance. Gets kimmel to unwillingly take his pants off on live TV. Good shit.
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    How to teach yourself digital marketing?

    Yeah man. Copy writing is a great skill to learn. Can't go wrong there.
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    Why I’m depressed(My story)

    Dude you're 20 years old. Chase Amante (the founder of this whole site who's taught thousands upon thousands of guys to get good with women) was in the same exact situation as you and started improving his social skills at age 22! You've got a 2 year hear start on the master. What you really...
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    California Pimp

    I watched it years ago but couldn't find it again last time I looked. It was pretty funny stuff really. The guys just running girls through this simple routine and getting them to laugh and then it cuts to a scene of them getting ramrodded. I think you had to pay for the full cut. Interesting...
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    Rookie Questions 101: Do you Practice Fundamentals whilst infield approaching

    Yeah good question man. You'll want to be working on a core fundamental each time you're out (i.e. good posture, vocal tone, eye contact... Usually 1-2 per month till it becomes habit is good) and also be working on your technical game skills and just getting experience. If you had to choose...
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    I learned in a tiny 50,000 town. O-town has more than enough opportunity to get good. No...

    I learned in a tiny 50,000 town. O-town has more than enough opportunity to get good. No excuses, just go hit that shit hard ;)
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    Sorry bro, I'm relocated. Enjoy it, good town to learn in.

    Sorry bro, I'm relocated. Enjoy it, good town to learn in.
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    8-somes are for chumps man, every real pimp knows that you're only a real player if you're doing double digit -somes ;)
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    Where do I go to get coaching?

    Tony D is your guy @WittyJester
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    No Sex In 5 Years

    Yeah understandable man, you've been grinded down by life a bit and can understand a bit of venting no worries. What I'm more worried about is that you're going to get mad and fired up that your life sucks, take responsibility for your situation, and then make some big time herculean changes to...
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    No Sex In 5 Years

    @Bubinile Sounds like your understandably stressed. Can't blame you for that. But the one thing that's guaranteed is if you don't change anything your going to keep getting the same shitty results. You're in an extreme situation, if you want to get out of your rut it's going to require an...
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    No Sex In 5 Years

    So @Bubinile You have 2 seperate problems that you're mixing up as one problem. You have a girls problem, and you also have a money/career problem. They are two separate issues. As Skills points out a skilled seducer could be put in your situation financially and still get sex and a...
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    No Sex In 5 Years

    Hey man sorry your going through a rough patch brother. Been through some hard times myself that have led to prolonged social isolation and involuntary celibacy. Obviously COVID depending on where you are can be a factor, but care to explain why you weren't able to get girls before COVID? In...
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    'Perception is reality'. That's bullshit

    Yeah man if you're Elon Musk and you want to walk around in a Garbage bag people will still think he's a boss. If you're Joe Shmoe who's wearing a garbage bag because you don't care about people's perceptions that's fine... just don't be surprised when people don't take the time out of their...
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    'Perception is reality'. That's bullshit

    Well yeah obviously if you only fix the outside people are going to find out your a fraud once they get to know you or test you. We've always taught that you should work equally on both: I guess if conflict is the only reason you're...