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  • 28/07/2020
    1 approach
    1 date
    Kissed alot within 30-45 minutes. Bad logistics, couldn't pull to mine or her place.
    1 set
    1 number given out
    Woman who made my burger at the gas station. I said "You're cute... What's your number?" She smiled "we aren't allowed to..." "Awesome i'll give you mine" and she gave me a pen and a receipt. She seemed interested.
    16-20 (maybe more?) approaches
    10 numbers

    Hard time keeping track on the number of approaches. Only numbers i know for sure. Started writing notes on girl's numbers to remember them. Too much volume. Going on holiday tomorrow. Will have hard time juggling all these leads. Some of them have already started messaging me... Can't keep the lid on mayn!
    2 sets
    1 number. This one was from a girl in the gym. Going on date on Friday.
    Gonna chill out the gym approaches. Maybe no more than 2 a week MAX.
    Didn't go on date with this one on friday. Atm on standby and under planning.
    1 gym approach. Not talking loud enough, trying to be discreet, ended up mumbling and she couldn't hear what i was saying. I think it is better to approach girls when they are isolated in some area (stretching areas are usually good) or when they are going in and out of the gym outside
    Went on date, lots of making out, HB5, putting her on the backburner, looking for better prospects
    Did 5 approaches, got 1 number. Beta texting, maybe ruined it
    Re-approached girl in gym to set definite date. Joked around. She confirmed it later in the evening over text.

    Date with girl went meh, not much of a spark, not on my game, weak kino. Kissed cheek and hugged simultaneously at the end. She texted me one hour later thanking me for good date. Cont...
    Texted her back saying you too and asked for her schedule the rest of the week. She texted me back long text saying it was fun and she thought i was really sweet but that she couldn't see it going anywhere further between us. Texted her back that it was fine and that i'm glad she had a good time. I think it is beta to ignore such a text, better to be positive and show her no problem
    20-25 sets
    3 numbers
    1 instagram (pfff)

    Low approach/number ratio. Pretty baffled why. Getting aloooot of boyfriend/engaged/married rejections. Maybe because i'm hitting MILFs hard... many have issues with age difference (i turn 20 soon). Getting good at qualifying and getting women to invest. Better eye contact. Chiller vibe.
    Gonna start doing my daygame journal here.
    So far:
    Week 29, 2020

    44-47 approaches
    12 numbers
    1 dates set up

    Getting aloooot of "i have a boyfriend/i'm married/seeing someone" rejections". Need to get better at qualifying and getting investment from women. Getting alot of praise from women even when they reject me, saying i'm brave/ballsy/good initiative. Pretty motivating.
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