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  • Hey Velasco how's it going man. Could you PM me when you have the chance? I'd love to get your advice regarding a few of my sticking points; I feel like I can really relate to you & you would understand my perspective. Would love to know how you dealt with certain challenges regarding becoming proficient at this stuff.
    Hey velasco, can you PM me? I think I somehow screwed up based on one of the other guys advice and I was hoping to get a quick thought from you on it.
    Hey velasco,whats up,I sort of blinked and missed all this red grren traffic light thing,apparently it started a huge fight,anyway,Im getting bits and pieces from the forum,id like to hear about the traffic light concept,and why exactly its so controversial,if you dont mind
    Hey man, thanks for your insight into my forum post. Let me know if you would be down to hit up a couple of spots in NYC, grab a drink or something.
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