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    GirlsChase article that I am dying to find?

    THere was an article I believe it was by Chase Amante 99.9% sure. I forgot the topic but he talked about women that have to tell you you that other men wants them and that other men finds them desirable, the article was incredible powerful to me and I dont know what was I thinking not saving...
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    I am scared that Red Pill would be truth what is Girlschase opinion?

    I wish it isnt true but I am scared if it is - In the modrern world with social media and instgram women have more options than ever so value is sky high while men is the exact opposite - It seems women dont like to help or educate men, infact sometimes torture them like joing the online gaming...
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    Dance floor game?

    FIrst SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT THE SELECTION IN THIS FORUM....I wrote a draft and to deletee I had to use the backarrow keys for like half an hour because apprently you cant just selct the text and delete....COME ON!!!!!! I want to share something about my sexuality....I love grinding so...
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    Badoo and TInder (Jamaica yes, Dominicans NO??)

    So with the Coronoa virus we all sitting at home So I decided to reopen tinder and badoo. I have some I would say ok photos, they are nothing special but I wouldnt qualify them as bad....I dont know what I reduced 4 years from my age in badoo which is something I am not proud of but if a woman...
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    Several random questions questions?

    Hello so to more experinced guys in the game here are some question that bugs me 1) I am not the best talker in the world, so I had a date with a woman that I really liked and I was glad that she kept talking for a while, I like it when they do that but then she went "well I have been talking a...
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    How to be a badboy without hurting anyone?

    I want to be a bit of a bad boy with women that I like bt I am scared of being too creepy, getting in trouble or being too offessive. I dont like hirting anyone but enough being a nice guy too How is it done?
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    I don't have skills and don't know how to land a job?(yes related to women)

    Hello fellow men, I will make myself a bit too vulnerable here and I will tell you what are my biggest insecurities 1) Unemployment and lack of skills : I have mentioned before that I have BSc. Environmental Engineering and Master Degree in WAter Biolgy(River biology)..This are some of the...
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    FR An other sh**y night! (Help a bro out)

    So I went to a Salsa party today. Lots of attractive women, luckily I work out and dress decent, have nice perfume on so I kind of am set. I have done this for several years so I have some experince dancing, noticed few nice ladies (I live in Finland by the way) but NOTHING COMPARED to the...
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    3 hot women and 1 average how to approach them?

    Yesterday was a HORRIBLE nightclub experince one of my worst ever if NOT THE WORST. 4 black women (I love black) and I had dated a gorgeous black women who ghosted the living day ights out of me. I approach the first hottie and she is friendly but says she has a boyfriend, the other that I...
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    A little anger to what is taught in pickup artist by dating gurus?

    SO I wrote this time and again...I left a date to go to weightlifting training. Basically, I used to be this skinny weak fuk for my whole life and I start to be student of strength training. I have found an olympic weightlifting school in the small city I live in after long search, I was very...
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    question about subscribing to girls chase articles?

    Hello fellows, I want to pay for girls chase articles does it have to be billed for one year? Best offer for me is to pay 3 month and than quit? How does the billing work?
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    Showing desire vs Being a challenge?

    Hey, I like to show desire to a woman, and that she turns me on and that I want to fuk the living day lights out of her BUT, it can also show that she won you over and that you are very easy. Just had a deep chat with a friend about that, he says that you should pretend you are not...
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    Cant get over the girl(Onenitis) and extremely angry at myself?

    Sorry if post sound depressive but some professional advice needed Original post here KNow I have been doing olympic weightlifting training for a year now, very passionate about it and the training is...
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    How can you indicate to a woman that you don't kiss and tell?

    Women like the alpha players who always brag and kiss and tell. I pride myself for being a man who keeps secret. The woman who was willing to cheat on her husband with me, said she doesnt want my friend to know we made out. Guess what 2 years lateer he still doesnt know. How can you indicate...
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    She is not responding to my text why?

    This is not about how to fix as much as what could I do better and learn from that experince for next time. If I learned anything is that understanding women is impossible but that is ok frustrating as it is. Met this woman a year ago, Gorgeous, sexy as hell. We hit it off really fast, we made...