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  1. Eiswein

    Is it good or detrimental to be on social media?

    Whats your opinion?
  2. Eiswein

    How do you dress? Is it possible to overdress?

    I have the hypothesis that certain elegant outfits reduce your attainability HARD and sometimes is better more casual, how do you dress personally?
  3. Eiswein

    Getting results but... Need pros help

    Good afternoon, Im getting lays but... i can't find a girlfriend, to some it can sound ridiculous but i didn't entered game to raise a score. I'm not a pro but i would say i'm very proficient at the early stages but when i try to move to something formal is starts to go downhill, at first I...
  4. Eiswein

    Special Girl Ex poisoning dating pool, how to deal with that

    Yeah exactly this one plus destroy my group of friends with lies about things that i never did Thank you for your response, hope you have a great day
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    Eliminate compliments from game? Relationships better with unclear feelings?

    Is better to eliminate compliments and only use non verbal language to communicate intention, i feel like i have more sucess without compliments at all, i feel like my relationships are better when i dont express feelings
  6. Eiswein

    Special Girl Ex poisoning dating pool, how to deal with that

    Hi, morning friends, having a difficult time dealing with a particulary insane girl, we share classes and work and is getting out of hand, i told her it was over but she doesnt understand, this was over a year ago...
  7. Eiswein

    Need pros help to escalate in this situation

    Thank you for your response West Indian, a lot of advices here that helped me, especially this one Also thank you Wick Hope both have a great day
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    Different and effective ways to get compliance

    Goodmorning friends, i want to hear your opinion about different or unusual ways in how to get compliance since im bored of: <Insert excuse to hold her hand> Wish you a happy day
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    Need pros help to escalate in this situation

    Hi friends, good afternoon, hope you are doing great I need you advice in the following situation, A girl in my workplace liked me prior to quarantine but at that moment i was unavailable, after my city went lockdown i starting talking with her, recently i was screening her and received the...
  10. Eiswein

    Debunking the role of humor in seduction, cocky funny and the grand master style

    Thanks skills! i have a question/situation related to your post, I had a girl that was interested in me but at the time i was very busy with other things prior to quarantine, now my city went lockdown and we begun to speak regulary by phone, i make her laugh and all however the issue is that i...
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    Debunking the role of humor in seduction, cocky funny and the grand master style

    Great post skills, i admire you friend, would you accept me as your aprentice?
  12. Eiswein

    How to get rid of the "player" label

    Hi friends, hope you are doing fine I have the following problem, my college is very small almost as a school and people know each other, long story short i have adquired the player label and i have noticed that it gives me negative social points
  13. Eiswein

    Special Girl Do you want to laugh? [Novice field report]

    Thank you, i apreciate your response very much, specially for this advice: "Why do you want this person as a friend? They don't treat you well and they're not doing anything to better your life. "
  14. Eiswein

    Special Girl Do you want to laugh? [Novice field report]

    Hi friends, i hope you are doing great, I wanted to share a field report that you will consider interesting if you want to avoid having a bad time. After have found girls chase I started a journey of self-improvement and I begun to felt that i was at the peak of my student career, i had many...
  15. Eiswein

    How Can I Further Develop my Conversational Vibe?

    Hi Mondo friend, i hope you are having a great day, is easy all you have to do to be better at something is: (read books of the topic, in your case comedy and conversations, watch how the pros do it, at youtube for example, practice, check what works and finally recive feedback from others, here...
  16. Eiswein

    Indispensable good techniques not included here in GC?

    So far I consider GC as the best place but I want to know if there's techniques or methods that are awesome but not included here. Hope you have a great day if you read this
  17. Eiswein

    Socializing Move fast VS Hard to get

    I want to know your opinion on this one, I mean we value more the things we get with effort but if you move to slow you lose the girl
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    As it core, what is the difference between a Pick up artist and a Natural?

    Is the internalized steps to score fast? is his bullet proof frame that makes him inmune to shit test? I have the theory that as it core, the pick up artist is simply a better conversationalist, sounds oversimplified but being a good conversionalist involves many things (frame control...
  19. Eiswein

    Best frames to set early on? and screens

    I want to know pros opinion about the most important frames and screening you must do in a girl early on? aside from Chaseframing
  20. Eiswein

    Strange phenom on girls ("Why guys lost interest fast"-Her view)

    I find your answer very interesting, i will try new interesting topics in the future and i have interesting hobbies, i play in a rock band and rock climb but somehow i dont like to talk much about these things Also i think last question is also the case, maybe i need to screen better and that...