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  1. Glow

    What are you currently Field testing? #Round2

    Another round of focus on #fieldfocus - to help shape focus on the right things and at least get the crowd in action to team up a lil. Let us know: What are you currently field testing? Why is this interesting for you? Any learnings so far? Shoot :cool: Stunning 10s and bjs will rain from...
  2. Glow

    What are you currently field testing?

    Lets get practical #fieldfocus, move up some more collaborative vibes in here and inspire each other. So im curious to what everyone in here is field testing these days so in this thread let us know: What are you currently field testing? Why is this interesting? What are your practical...
  3. Glow

    Varieties of tone of voice

    Just wanted to share what im working on in relation to verbal impact and vibe. This is not for beginners as you want a certain ability to drive convos with women to utilise this more. its about delivery. Voice as subconscious impact in short, theres been loads of talk about voice in here. its...
  4. Glow

    Elicitation continued: A simple verbal 3 word mirroring tech

    Earlier I wrote about Elicitation which i use as a strong component of my seduction using what we label "inside game". In short it is the art of driving verbals or managing conversations with a woman in a manner where you elicit her and make her talk about her world as a core component. Now with...
  5. Glow

    Quote and reply function

    Sorry if theres a suggest improvements thread - couldnt find one. Just wanted to highlight that the quote function and thus the reply function for me could be considered a thing to improve: - It is not optimal for for readability cause of the fading, and somewhat odd placement. its not possible...
  6. Glow

    Expanding your verbal arsenal smartly: Simple drill-style training model

    i wanted to refine some of my seductive verbals so ive build a lil drill model inspired by the points in this post In short, i was adviced to do a 30 day professional selfie video challenge for improving...
  7. Glow

    A Collection of Lines, statements and questions to shoot in across the seduction

    Im just myself collecting a wider arsenal of lines and questions to amp up my verbal variety and figured i would share what i collect in a thread. A toolbox of verbal stuff to spread out on top of your doings Feel more than welcome to shoot yours in or good ones you see. If theyre Field...
  8. Glow

    LR When the girl pulls... mixing SOTS and SEX TALK and containing escalation

    Private party NY eve. Fourteen people for dinner w. various coming all night for later partying and celebration. Im seated deliberately across from SURFER GIRL. Named as she looks like a more nice-rounded version the surfer chick from Californiacation. A good eighter in my book. So i arrive...
  9. Glow

    Building female mini-circles around you efficiently

    Below is a field proven super efficient tactic ive used and developed across the years to easily build smaller groups of girls i party with and enjoy time with SC style. These girls ill go out with, be invited to their parties, going to common parties and the likes. I cant count the number of...
  10. Glow

    Working the Bouncers - Att: Teevs, Pelu, Skills

    Im working on a new venue and made good initial contact w the door men. I wanna work these smartly so just curious to your tactics. Bouncers are key in many places, beyond pickers ofc. And i figured atm my main targets would be bouncers. I know knowing the managers and lead hostesses, lead...
  11. Glow


    A subtle but powerful key to managing conversations with women. Game generation one tended to rest a lot on spitting game; the art of leading and plowing with multiple stimulating techs. And definitely useful. Using statements followed. Muti-threading and others. These are the more famous...
  12. Glow

    A-lister Slow Gym Seduction Model

    A sum-up of a collective gym model that I, Pureevil, @Cody Lyans, @Skills, @POB co-developed sometime ago. Highly build around Pureevils way of it so he deserves a lot of credit for this: One premise for this model is that in gyms theres often a lot of attention from people on whats going on -...
  13. Glow

    Glows Notebook of this and that

    SIMPLE OPEN NOTEBOOK Where i: Collect posts on subject matters from inside the community. Connect the dots
  14. Glow

    Glows Log

    Sup fellas, G back in the race. The un-infamous log of things written for me myself mostly. Reflective capacity thing - my way. In here ill: - Journal my reflections of field - keep focus one one or few things until closed (full circle model) - Collect notes on things - observances, hints i...