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  1. Franco

    naturalmikey Banned from Forum

    Just an update: we've banned @naturalmikey from the forum. While he provided some value and interesting insights to the forum, he was ultimately combative with other members, and he was often very combative with our senior members. Instead of trading value, he would often attempt to discredit...
  2. Franco

    Franco & Amrit | Dating Your Dream Girl as a Minority (Podcast)

    Hey fellas, Varoon was kind enough to do a podcast with me and my good buddy Amrit, an Indian guy who lives in San Diego with me and does really well with white girls (and particularly blondes). I've practically been begging him for the last couple of years to write a guest article or do a...
  3. Franco

    I don't see myself being with him for the rest of my life

    gg1993, Generally, people never change because someone else asks them to change. That includes lovers/significant others. The person who needs to change actually has to want to change for his or herself. In this scenario, it sounds like he just told you what you wanted to hear so that he...
  4. Franco

    "Learning Pick-Up Takes Discipline" - Podcast With Franco Lombardi

    Hey fellas! I thought I'd make a post sharing the second half of my podcast session with Grand Pooba (Varoon) with some advice on learning pick-up and discipline! This can be found here: Learning Pick-Up Takes Discipline, Part 2 The second part of this podcast ties directly into the first...
  5. Franco

    Responding To "I Have a Boyfriend"

    Hey fellas, I rarely spend time sharing some of my personal strategies on here, but I felt like sharing a fun one today. If you ask for compliance from a girl (or even straight up just ask her "are you single?") and she replies saying she has a boyfriend, a very fun way to spin this is as...
  6. Franco

    Women NEED Sex

    Hey Gentlemen, Just came across this article -- just a friendly reminder that, no matter how famous you are or how good you look, women NEED sex from you. If you don't provide sex, you aren't a "man" in a woman's eyes. Granted, Tim Tebow will probably have to quickly agree to marriage with a...
  7. Franco

    Is it possible to resume from cold-approach break, like you never stopped?

    Alpha101, I pretty much always hit a rusty patch if I haven't been approaching women for awhile and then start doing it again. I think it's best to expect a rusty period so that your expectations aren't too high. However, I've always recovered from my rusty periods given enough time, so don't...
  8. Franco

    To condom or not to condom in the face of LMR

    radeng, Yep, this one has been on the board a few times. Check this thread here. - Franco
  9. Franco

    Stewart Rod Banned for Trolling

    Hey fellas, "Stewart Rod" has been banned for trolling. Sorry about any of the negativity you received from him on your posts. - Franco
  10. Franco

    Ever introduced friends to seduction?

    radeng, I have, but it was usually in one of these two cases: (1) The guy I showed it to had seen me pick up women first hand and immediately knew that I was on to something. Usually these have also been friends I've had for years, so they had a certain level of trust in the things that I do...
  11. Franco

    Calls & Texts The "Silent Phone" Treatment

    Hey fellas, I've got a nifty little trick(/challenge?) that you can use if you feel like you're struggling with texting women too much or too often -- which I think most guys are doing it more than they realize. One thing you can do to help train yourself to text women less is to keep your...
  12. Franco

    List of Dating Apps Like Tinder?

    Hey gentlemen! I'm looking to compile a list of phone dating applications that are like Tinder (and also have a reasonable amount of women -- not looking for apps that have no users of course). I know I have seen several mentioned on these boards before that I had never heard of, so if any of...
  13. Franco

    (Inexperienced) Women Are Curious About Sex

    Hey fellas, I ran into this interesting post by a female recounting her reasons for wanting to cheat on her boyfriend with another guy. The point of me posting this article is not to declare women as "bad" or "promiscuous/untrustworthy," but rather to show you how inexperienced women who have a...
  14. Franco

    How Women Feel About Men These Days

    Hey everyone, I just had a rather attractive, outspoken, Ukrainian female friend of mine on Facebook post the following status update. This is how all women feel, but many are too afraid to say it: Society and the media has been trying to mold us into "nice guys" that never take any risks or...
  15. Franco

    Advice on changing my approach?

    healthstar, I think this usually starts to happen when picking up starts to feel too "routine" to you, and you get annoyed when you're using your time for your routine and don't get the results you're actually expecting. The best solution to this (I believe) is to actually take a break from...
  16. Franco

    How can I keep my game sharp?

    healthstar, I wouldn't worry too much about this. At worst, you get "rusty" if you stop gaming for awhile, but everything you've learned is definitely still there. If you suddenly decide to start gaming more again, you might find that the first day is a bit rough, but it usually comes back to...
  17. Franco

    Ever got angry at a girl you were dating and than said sorry?

    milado, The answer is: it depends. If this is a girl you haven't slept with yet, then yeah, I would say your chances of bedding the girl become pretty slim after that. If a girl sees you getting emotional before she has any serious emotions for you, then it just makes you look weak, and...
  18. Franco

    For Those of You Thinking Big...

    Here's a great example of a guy who REALLY "faked it until he made it": I'm a big fan of that line of thought, so I thought I would share for fun. Enjoy. =) - Franco
  19. Franco

    "Slut-shaming" -- What is it exactly?

    Gentlemen, A friend of mine posted a good article on Facebook today about "slut-shaming." It's pretty obvious women wield this as a tool to cut each other down and boost their own value in the sexual marketplace. But what might even be MORE intriguing to you guys (and especially those of you...
  20. Franco

    FR  Gorgeous asian girl pickup

    Re: Gorgeous asian girl pickup healthstar, Please make sure to read the posting guidelines for the Field Reports board and label your topics appropriately. I have labeled this one for you appropriately as an "FR." Cheers, Franco