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  1. Franco

    Should LOW Value Men leave Southern CA?

    NOTE: Keep in mind that we're in COVID-19 season right now, and I'm sure lots of cuties are staying home. I unfortunately would not recommend coming here at the moment as a way to gauge the quality and quantity of attractive women that are normally in San Diego.
  2. Franco

    Should LOW Value Men leave Southern CA?

    MFA, Yeah, I would never really go to North Park or Hillcrest to meet beautiful women - very hipster-ish scene there. It can be fun to go there once in awhile as drinks are cheaper and they have some cool little spots there (Seven Grand actually is a decent spot - I've seen some attractive...
  3. Franco

    Updating the “Best Of” Each Board

    @Bacchus / @Chase , Yes, the initial instantiation of the "Best Of" threads took me QUITE a significant amount of time to do. I think spent about 6 or 7 hours on a weekend throwing it all together initially. (EDIT: As a handful of you already know, I am an unpaid member of the GC staff and do...
  4. Franco

    I had a weak foundation and not sure what I want out of life anymore.

    Question for you here @Skills: If you're bringing these girls to family gatherings, then that's a pretty surefire way for them to start thinking that you are someone that they are going to get serious with and maybe move in/start a family together. How are you breaking it off with these women...
  5. Franco

    naturalmikey Banned from Forum

    Just an update: we've banned @naturalmikey from the forum. While he provided some value and interesting insights to the forum, he was ultimately combative with other members, and he was often very combative with our senior members. Instead of trading value, he would often attempt to discredit...
  6. Franco

    The Guide to Getting Hot Girls (of Any Type)

    I don't know how many times I have to say this, @Oh Pry, but this is false. If you sleep with a woman and give her the best sexual experience of her entire life, it literally will not matter what her physical "preference" was prior to meeting you. It will NOW be your physical appearance that is...
  7. Franco

    Question about PUAs and pregnancies

    Well... I always "cum inside her," so to speak... that cum just ends up in a little latex bag instead of her uterus. :) Extremely committed. It's of my opinion that most men are not committed enough to that idea. But that's just my opinion, of course. Any future pregnancy in my life will be...
  8. Franco

    Question about PUAs and pregnancies

    I think it comes down to how diligent you are about everything. The more diligent you are about not having a kid, the more you will take the MANY available precautions to prevent that outcome... and ultimately reduce the chance of it happening down to pretty much negligible numbers. I'm...
  9. Franco

    Using game and meeting women to grow social life, status and community. Crazy?

    To me, the problem with your post still remains the same @Oh Pry . I can sum up my thoughts on this issue with the following short analogy question: "Why would I want to try to use a broom to clean a pool when I can just use a pool skimmer instead...?" Use game to get sex. Use money and social...
  10. Franco

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year, GC Fam! I love you guys, and I love this board. Let's make 2020 a great "comeback" year for the seduction community, starting with SkilledSeducer. :D Cheers, Franco
  11. Franco

    This guy has claimed to have slept with 1000 women.

    A 15-20% approach-to-close rate is pretty much "God Tier" when it comes to pickup. So I highly doubt this guy is 70%... :P BUT, as always, feel free to try whatever his methods/suggestions are and see for yourself if 70% is accurate or not. ;) - Franco
  12. Franco

    age and pua

    As was mentioned earlier, this is not true, especially for men. I know men well into their 40s that have more sex and crave more sex than they did at any earlier point in their lives. Women are a slightly different story due to things like menopause, but none of us are targeting women that old...
  13. Franco

    How often you DON'T have sex with a girl you bring home? (100 lays >only)

    I'm not really sure we disagree on anything? I agree with your post. Unless you're saying that "you should always use PYCO, even with girls from social circle." In that case, sure, go for it. I'm sure that 99/100 times you'll be just fine. And you'll definitely be just fine if you end up having...
  14. Franco

    How often you DON'T have sex with a girl you bring home? (100 lays >only)

    Good thing we are posting on the Advanced board, gentlemen. So yes, I agree with the disclaimer that "PYCO" is not a move for newbies. ;) And as should be obvious for Advanced members, there needs to be clear interest and sexual attraction before you do this, of course. And it should not be the...
  15. Franco

    The Strategy Of Purposely Ignoring Girls In Nightclubs

    I find this very interesting. In my opinion, day game is much better for getting hotter girls more consistently once you get good at it. And generally speaking, the LARGE majority of guys who have approach anxiety experience it much more with day game than they do with night game. With night...
  16. Franco

    How often you DON'T have sex with a girl you bring home? (100 lays >only)

    I wasn't going to reply to this thread, but then I read through it and started loving the responses... so here I am replying. :p I understand where @Chase is coming from because my style of game (before implementing more of @Teevster 's explicit sex talk gambits on dates) was to be a very sexy...
  17. Franco

    Casual/FWB should i see fwb with hickies on me

    Hickies are absolutely not "low class." There was even a point in time where I debated giving myself hickies JUST as a way to develop pre-selection for women. (NOTE: Don't ask about the details -- I didn't actually get far enough to do it, LOL) One of the hottest girls I've banged in social...
  18. Franco

    Girls are wayyyy too complicated.

    It sounds like you either need to: Take a break for awhile and come back to this when you feel more ready. Save up money and do a coaching session with someone like @Hector Papi Castillo . Those are probably your two best bets at the moment if you are feeling burnout/negativity. Something...
  19. Franco

    Is success going to be a lot more difficult now?

    Pick-up itself is arguably easier with how thirsty men are becoming and how many men are using online dating as a crutch. The only thing that has actually become more difficult is talking openly about women and seduction on the internet, hence this being one of the last legit forums on the...