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  1. Dr.X

    Orgasm Maker's journal

    This journal is an experiment. I read about setting goal. Basically, goal that is selfish: "I want to make X millions of dollar," "I want to be the most powerful politician," "I want to get 100 lays" etc. will not work. Goals in features and benefits will work. Let's see where it goes.
  2. Dr.X

    Request changing username to Skywalker

    My current username is Dr.X, which after a search looks like a Lawful Evil character. I take the DnD test and my primary alignment is True Neutral, secondary alignment is Chaotic Neutral. I believe that username affects personality, thus I request to change my username to Skywalker.
  3. Dr.X

    How does social high strategy / strategy / operation works?

    I just ask this question a couple minutes ago: And there is the concept of strategy levels. Basically there are: - High strategy - Strategy - Operation - Tactic Let's say tactics for example. I make a social...
  4. Dr.X

    What is your "getting laid" operation?

    I think my weakness is operation. Background: I read about strategy levels. Basically there are: - High strategy - Strategy - Operation - Tactic High strategy I pick from Girls Chase blog: I go with lover high strategy...
  5. Dr.X

    FR Beach instant date

    This evening I go to the beach. In jogging clothes. I pass a girl. This girl is blonde, and 22 years old. She's reading a book. I fist bump, and she fist bump back. Me: Nice, you look fun, now stand up She stands up, “Who are you?” She asked Me: I’m the son of the sea Her (laugh) Next I don't...
  6. Dr.X

    FR Outdoor bar

    Going to the bar. My city is still in covid lockdown, however the neighbor city starts reopening. I went there. I put on leather jackets, jeans, boots. This bar is outdoor and small. Many small tables. Packed. Only one empty table, I sat there. I get a beer and chill. Later on I go to the...
  7. Dr.X

    Wealth Working at beach logistics - asking for help from digital nomads

    Hey guys, I want to share something, and maybe asking for collaboration as well. I‘m building the digital nomad lifestyle. So I tried working at the beach. Up until now I’m facing these problems: - My laptop run out of battery really fast - like in 1 hour. Thus I buy a laptop power bank. A...
  8. Dr.X

    FR Man vs nature

    Note: Unimpressive result, but educational. Going to the beach. This beach has rocky shore. Near the water, a girl reading book book facing the beach. I walk on the trail, seeing the girl. If I approach from behind, not good. So, how. — I walk forward the bit, getting down the rocky shore, my...
  9. Dr.X

    What is the best response in this situation?

    I got on the bus. A girl looked at me. No one else was on the bus. Me: Hi Girl: Hi, how are you? Me: Good Girl: I'm good Me: You just got off work? Girl suddenly pressed the stop button, came to the bus driver (I couldn't hear so below is the approximate conversation) Girl: This is not the bus...
  10. Dr.X

    FR Bar re-opening with social distance

    Note: I'm a bar novice. Friday night. I was on the bus, looking outside of the window, and saw a line of people in front of the bar. So apparently bar was re-opening. I'd improve my social skills way faster in a bar, so I was giving it a try. Jumping out of the bus a block later. Going to the...
  11. Dr.X

    Clear interest indicator but did not open well

    Hi guys, Last month there has been a couple of girls who I thought was into me but it was not. Or I was doing something wrong. #1: Waiting room. I was sitting and on the phone. A girl came near me. I said hi, she said hi but continue walking. #2: Bus. I was sitting in front. Via my peripheral...
  12. Dr.X

    Dr.X's journal II

    Previously, I wrote daily for building momentum. Now, I have full momentum.
  13. Dr.X

    How to open girls on the opposite sidewalk?

    Guys, would love to hear your advice on this one. Time was around 6 pm - 7 pm, the sun was setting. There was no car on the street. 1st girl - Street was narrow / 2nd girl - street was wide (on 2 different days) The sidewalk was covered with beautiful trees. When I was jogging on the street...
  14. Dr.X

    Dr.X's journal

    Going for a jog and saying hello to another running girl today. Reaction seemed to be more polarizing. Other girls distanced right away. Some girls were more into me from the beginning.