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  1. Colt Williams

    High-Value Woman Tells Me She Wants to be Day-Gamed

    PSA I was out to dinner with a big group of influential friends. One of the main hosts started asking dating advice for his...very sordid romantic life. So one of my other friends, a beautiful half-latina started giving him some advice (albeit not good, but she meant well). So I asked her "What...
  2. Colt Williams

    Beware of "Novel Girl Syndrome"

    You walk into your class in college (or a bar, or a party, or a restaurant, or any location where there might be women) and you see an absolutely beautiful girl across the room. You think to yourself, "wow, she's the most beautiful girl I've seen in a long time." Maybe you strike up a...
  3. Colt Williams

    Should Every Date End in a Lay?

    This is something that I've been thinking about for a while (and something only advanced men would be able to clearly speak on). In this good ole dating game, men are often encouraged to sleep with as many women as possible, and even as they advance, as long as they are attracted to a woman...
  4. Colt Williams

    Stop Worrying So Much About the "Friend Zone"

    I've been coaching a number of guys and speaking to a handful of newer gents who constantly say things like "But Colt...if I build any rapport (esp over text) with her whatsoever, I'll end up in the friend zone." One thing that all men need to understand cognitively (and will come to...