1. ShioriGC

    Shiori's Newbie Assignment

    Hey guys! So im 28 years old and i first found this site when I was 21, 7 years ago Back then, i had no idea wtf i was doing with my life,dropped out of college at 20 and was figuring alot out. But I was able to use this site, upgrade fundamentals, and find some wings. I did day game, scored...
  2. F

    Overview post?

    Hey guys! I haven't been on in a while, but I had a question, but first here's some context. So I read these articles and I think they're great. But I forget a lot of the stuff I read... but I wanna master this stuff. I think it would be cool if there was one article that gave a great overview...
  3. N

    Asking for advice about relationship

    Hello guys, so I have a hard to solve problem with my ex in front of me. We broke up about three monts ago. She dumped me for a colleague from her work. After that I started seeing other girls, I've dated three girls in the past two months but it was not the same. And we never stop seeing with...
  4. J

    My girlfriend loves me more than I love her... so what's the problem you might say

    Hello, my name is Jibri. I've been dating my girlfriend, coming up to be a year now. She confessed to me, a while ago, that she feels like I don't love her as much as she loves me, though I tell her I love her. I've been reading and studying Girlschase articles in regards to love and...