A gambit about chemistry


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Nov 18, 2019
So, it is difficult for me to write lay reports now, as I honestly cannot remember details of what happened or the exact timeline. However, instead I have reflected on some things I do consistently and this little gambit I use almost everytime with girls now. I will give you the gambit first and then explain after why it works so well, for multiple reasons.

The gambit:
Me: "I don't believe how well you know a person can be measured in time"
HB: "Okay?"
Me: "Yes. Because sometimes you can just meet a person and you feel the instant spark of chemistry and you feel so connected to the other person and feel like you totally understand eachother"
HB: *nods*
Me: "And on the other hand, you can have known a person for half a year and you still don't feel connected to the person or feel like the person understands you. You don't feel close."
HB: "That's true"
Me: "Yeah, so, how well you know a person is a matter of how well you feel you know a person. That feeling can come in an hour or it can come in a year. It all depends on your chemistry* with the other person. And I think it is very important to trust our intuition. If something feels right, we should go with it."

This flows better in person, I feel, and I will try and record myself to see if I type it out correctly the way I am speaking it in field. This one is very powerful.

Let's have a look at why it is so powerful:
-It stimulates her emotionally. This is something that is underlooked. It is very attractive to a girl, if you can be a kind of philosophical guru to her. This is something that is big in my arsenal. It stimulates girls hardcore when you can tell her really thoughtful, philosophical things that makes her think deeply about things in life. You become an authority to her and she will want to know what more you can teach her about in these subjects. That's why girls love shit like astrology. "Chick crack" guru.
-It is a preventive measure for ASD, because you are reframing her objections about "knowing you" from "i just met him, we cant already fuck, we havent spent enough time together!" to "I feel like we think the same way and that we have good chemistry. I should go with what feels right!"
-You're pacing her reality by calling out what she is feeling. If you are doing things right and you're feeling the chemistry, she is too. And it all happened so fast!

From the top of my head, these are some explanations. I know that it works for sure, but I'm not sure of all the "why's" yet.

Just a little something that I use in field these days :)

* NOTE: Using words like chemistry, energy or vibe with girls is too powerful. Talking about "chemistry" is deadly.