Visiting Anyone in Townsville, Australia?


Sep 6, 2020
Hello, my name’s Luis. I’m visiting Townsville/QLD for a month. Just arrived from Japan. 20 yrs old

Background: I’m still somewhat intermediate. My lay count isn’t high - I’ve hit double digits. However, at least 9 of those lays came from this past year. So that counts for something, I think. My success has come from bar/club game and tinder. Although, I did make one successful lay from day game.

Where I meet girls: I’ve met my girls in clubs mostly. Interesting learning ground. I’m down for laidback bars, dive bars, etc. However, I do want to hone my skills in day game more. The woman are just beautiful.

Whom I’d like to meet: I’d like to meet someone laid back, good with girls, or who just knows the city well. I’m also down to be bros - (My interests include making/writing music, guitar and piano, sports, jiu-jitsu, chess) or if you’re beginning seduction like me - let’s get some more experience.

PM me or hit me up with a quick email