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Jan 8, 2018

After reading through GC articles on how to compartmentalize your life(Chase), how to create your life(Varoon) and how to juggle women, projects, habits, career and more(Darius), I've come to realize that creating compartments and domains with the utmost of detail, specificity and relevance to your own life can have a profound effect on your piece of mind. At first I tried using Varoon's method in pt.1 on a spreadsheet but I felt it was too restricting(however Varoon's recommendation was a great starting point, so thanks V). If you would like to successfully compartmentalize your life's domains, with relevance(to your own life) and detail, it could help to instead create a visual 'spreadsheet' of levels insteaad(with the goals written within each block). I'm going to list my levels here as it might help one of you when understanding what your domains are and how to go into detail with each one:

Level 1 - Spirituality:

I'm still figuring out more of this domain, however I know with absolute certainty that it's a domain that needs to be handled if you want to achieve completion and live through your life's purpose. This has nothing to do with religion...this is about connecting with yourself on a non-physical level. Understand that you are more than your body and your brain, your thoughts and your feelings. Spirituality is quite a broad domain so do some good research on it, and explore more about it, because I certainly haven't explored enough about it to talk about it as an authority(maybe Hector can lead you in the right direction), however I'm 100% that this domain is the key to reaching your full potential in all domains of your life.

Level 2 - Health and Appearance + Personal Development:

Health and Appearance:
-sleeping routine
7-8 hrs per night

-cleaning routine
Bushing/flossing teeth, trimming hair and pubes, threading eyebrows, cutting nails, cleaning ears(insert frequency before each comma i.e every day, every 2 days, once a month

-eating schedule combined with a workout routine
This is important for building a steaming hot male body but also for strengthening your body and giving it enough energy for tasks that require mental focus and physical exertion in other domains like martial arts(for self-defense). It's important you think of your body as a vehicle that performs tasks that help you manifest whatever you want to manifest. You are not only the driver but you're the mechanic who knows how the car is built/how it functions, what it needs to function(oil, gas, water) and how to fix it when it is broken. You have to understand your body very well. Take care of it and nurture it. Your body has to function perfectly and become a magnet to the eyes of the opposite sex. THINK OF YOUR BODY AS A VEHICLE. Are you a Ferrari? A Bentley? A Merc? Sounds weird but picture this. If you were waiting at the entrance of a hotel and you saw gleaming red Ferrari pull up right in front of you, how would you feel? Not only does the roaring sound of that engine indicate good performance but the exterior is gleaming and gives you a sensation that I can only describe as a pre-boner sensation. okay, i've gone a bit off track here

-fashion armoury
You know that phrase dressed to kill? Well before you even touch those average joe clothes, understand that the aim of the dressing game is to create a fashion armoury that allows you to make a killer first impression. Yes, if you're simply working on seduction(as a domain), clothes aren't the biggest factors when it comes to attraction...just ask Hank Moody. However if you want success in all areas of your life, being well dressed enhances your level of attraction, and allows you to gain the respect of others. Remember people will always judge a book by it's cover before they get to know you...and no one's ever hated a good book with a great cover. Luckily GC has it's own fashion expert so make sure to consult the man himself, Darius Belvejas;)

Personal Development:
While the activities in health and appearance should become routine in your life, personal development activities are created to routinely challenge yourself and grow your capacity to learn and perform in all areas of your life. This is a fundamental area of your life where the skills and habits you develop will give you the advantage of succeeding in the following domains. For me the 4 main aspects to personal development are Reflection, Exploration, Upskilling and Serving. With reflection, I'm in the process of making a habit of journalling daily before I hit the sack, in order to review my day. I find it useful when I reflect upon my behaviour, actions, thoughts and feelings in order to understand myself, maintain self-awareness and use it as a tool to review what I did well and what I could've done better. This habit of journalling can be intertwined with other domains of your life but shouldn't be a replacement to it. Like you don't want to talk about your field reports in your journal, rather you want to reflect upon the progress you've made after doing a field report. Exploration includes delving into different fields and branches of knowledge. The world is to fucking interesting for me to not know more about it. Learning about new fields and subjects will not only allow you to become a great conversationalist but you'll become a better thinker, and a more creative problem-solver over time. Avoid the rabbit holes of social media and youtube as tools for learning. I find that it creates clutter in my mind. Focus on reading books or explore the life and works of important classic or contemporary figures in those respective fields. Don't be an ignorant cunt who thinks that reading and becoming more knowledgeable is uncool or boring. It only makes you cooler and more interesting. Upskilling is pretty easy. Learn more skills, do more things successfully. Learn how to code, dance, fight, swim, play a sport etc...If you can, use a skill that'll benefit you in your work. Like right now I have a certificate from a Speed Reading course. My words per minute count isn't what I'd like it to be(it's only 900. Plus I aim to read something like 14000 words per minute(think it's impossible? enrol at your nearest speed reading course around you). Now I read more books in a week and I work way more efficiently. I tell myself that I want to have the photographic memory(that's basically what speed reading is, snapshotting whole sentences, and paragraphs rather than one word at a time) of Mike Ross from Suits. Serving is what I've decided to do to be compassionate and help those in need. I'm not looking to create a whole charity drive and my biggest contribution to my planet and humanity comes in the form of my work and teaching domains however, spending an hour or two of my time every month on people who are hungry, sick or broke gives me a good feeling. This can also be a way of developing your empathy by getting to know how people live on the negative spectrum of life.

So...Level 1 and 2...The 3 domains on those two levels are fundamental to ensuring your success in other domains.

Level 3 - Women, Work and Wealth:

ya'll know wattado.

Personally my life is centered around my work. My work is an obsession and I don't see it as a job or a career. I see it as a domain in which I can perform my life's task. My life's mission, my grand vision, the movement and masterpiece I want to complete are all in this domain. It's obviously personal and privvy to each and every one of you but this is the domain where I life for no less than 1/2 of my day. I still needs to handle more of my biological needs and emotional needs, but this is also one of the emotional needs and I'm pretty sure my lack of emotional wellbeing will have a physiological impact on my body which could put my life at risk, which technically makes work a biological, emotional and logical need. Yes is the truest blessing of them all. Okay, work and sex, are the truest blessings of them all.

Here's the thing. If mo money means mo problems, no money means no problems. The only people who don't have problems to solve are dead. Yes people money, just like the air we breathe and the water we drink is a vital resource that allows you to live with freedom and become a more effective person. Money is a form of value. Monetary value dictates the worth of certain goods and services. The more money you have the more goods and services you can acquire and the higher quality they'll be. Like seduction, making money is a skill that can be learnt. There are monetizable skills where you trade your time for your money which can be a great way to making money. However I feel that if you want to be a truly effective and powerful man, you must avoid working for money. As Robert Kiyosaki says, ''The rich don't work for money because money equals time and time is limited''. Learn the laws that govern wealth and studied the wealthiest figures of our time and you'll realise they learnt how to RAISE money and put that money to work. Money is a resource and money making is a skill. Don't work for resources. Instead, learn how to find, manage and use the resource of money to your advantage and you will not only be able to create a desirable lifestyle for yourself but you'll also be able to create tremendous value in a world where tremendous value is sorely needed. In the words of the great baird Eminem, ''Money is what makes a man act funny'', I say that the lack of money is what makes a man act funny.

Level 4 - Friends and Family and Teaching:

-friends and family
Emotional support, sharing your life with others, experiencing life with those you love... this is a domain that is crucial for your overall happiness and contentedness with life. As much as I love work, I also find comfort, meaning and purpose in this domain. Whether you're feeling down, super excited or super bored, you should always have a friend or relative around you to share this weird and fucking mystifying physical universe called life with. After all, you are because of others. Think about that;)

Just like the writers here at GC, I feel it is incredibly important to routinely share your unique ideas, thoughts, theories and experiences in one form or the other. Key word being sharing. Teaching means you inspire and empower others with your passion and commitment to a field. You can start a blog, write a book to be published(or if you're a private person, write as much as possible and publish it before you die...the downside is you don't know when you'll die, so try have it on paper or on amazon, not locked up in your super cybersecure laptop), make videos, start a podcast, mentor a person or group of people etc... Teaching is an activity that I love doing but it's also one that I have an instinctive urge to do. I feel like I have to share my knowledge and experiences or else I risk feeling self-absorbed. There's a great deal of benefits to teaching but the main one is that you can create a difference in the lives of many people without really trying to hard. It takes very little effort and this domain is separate from the intensive hours you'd have to put in if you were a teacher or coach in the work domain. I can't really say much more but imagine if Chase decided to do something else rather than start a blog and share his knowledge and experience in life's most confusing fucking domain(well to me at least!).

Anyways, I hope this helped and I hope that you slowly master or at least handle each domain. For man to be a king he needs dominion over something. If you conquer each and every domain, you'll not only have dominion over your own life but control of your own destiny. Onward and upwards baby, onward and upwards.


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Tool-Bearing Hominid
Aug 15, 2018
The Old Continent
Just a quick note now, as your whole post may warrant wall-of-text length replies, which I'm not prepared to at the moment.

Monsieur PUSSYMAGNET said:
Yes, if you're simply working on seduction(as a domain), clothes aren't the biggest factors when it comes to attraction...just ask Hank Moody.
At 6" I'd consider him (or to be more precise David Duchovny portraying him) a tall man, at least from where I see it.