King of College Availability

Hector Papi Castillo

Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Dec 2, 2013
I've been asked by a few people on how to buy King of College, so I'll clear that up here.

For right now, King of College is only available if you buy One Date first. After adding One Date to your cart, you will then be brought to a page selling KoC (along with a video sales letter [VSL] about the book). You then add that to your cart and you get everything you could ask for - a master lesson on getting girls from a date and a huge monster book on college game (and social circle game, for post-graduates). There's even a sub-forum on the new One Date forum for college game and post-grad social circle game, for those out of college (or even if you didn't go to college). I plan on writing and producing a general social circle book, but that's way down the road (gotta write it then edit then publish it).

We will re-release KoC as a solo-book, but that will also be down the road. So I advise you grab it now. Plus, there's ~2hours of bonus video content if you get KoC this time around and won't be offered again with the future re-release of KoC.

Alright, there ya go :) Only 4 days left to get KoC anytime soon!!