Nothing to it


Nov 11, 2019
Hey all,

With the new forum going up [which looks great btw] figured I might join in on the fun and keep a weekly journal on the site ;) I’ve done of few of these journals in the past, usually to keep me on a schedule and track my progress on things I’m working on. Never created one on a message board though. Hopefully the public aspect of this one will act as another little motivator for myself or be of interest/use to someone else.

Main Areas I’m Targeting:

Independent Work / Studies -
This is the main thing I'm focusing on right now. I am learning a completely new field and industry with the aim to dive in as deep and as quickly as possible. I want to keep track of how many hours a week I’m putting in, as well as the quality of those hours. Right now I don't have a set amount of hours I want to target, I just want to have a better idea of my current commitment. Thinking of subdividing the hours into three categories…

a. Light Reading / Work: The easy and brainless stuff.
b. Deeper Studies / Work: The moderately difficult things.
c. Full-On & Creative Work: The tough shit.

Exercise / Diet - I want to stay on a strict gym schedule and eat well. I'm usually pretty good at both but I want to see how consistent I can get. For me that means….
  • Going to the gym EVERY day. Working out heavy all the time would be counterproductive but to build my gym habit as strong as possible I want go on my off-days and at the very least stretch + maybe do a bit of abs or cardio if my body is up for it.
  • Tracking ALL the junk and fast food I eat. I want to be at one cheat meal a week, max. No drugs or alcohol either, though I’m cool with swapping a cheat meal out for a few drinks (lets say a max of three).

Removing Bad Habits - A few extra little things I want to keep an eye on.
  • Responding to mail and emails slowly. I can be bad about responding in a timely fashion and it's not a great look professionally or otherwise. I want to get much better about replying to people within 24 hours so any time it takes longer I’ll track it.
  • Forgetting to floss/brush teeth twice a day. Hah all I have to say about this one is that cavities are expensive, lesson learned. Keep track should help my cause :)

I’ll update this every Monday for the next four weeks and see how these parameters are working for me. December 9th I can re-evaluate things and take it from there.

Time to get to it.


Nov 11, 2019
Hah, what a fucked up start to this journal it’s been. Laptop broke a few days in (finally got a new one this week) and to add to the fun I got sick the first week as well. Still kickin’ tho ;)

So updates… Pretty quickly found out the three categories of work was too complicated to track so I dumbed it down to one. Other than that everything has remained the same.

Week 1
Work: 8hrs 45mins
Gym: 2 of 7 days
Eating/Drinks/Drugs: 2 cheat meals / no drinks / smoked weed on two occasions
Responding: Good
Floss/Brushing: Perfect until weekend

Was doing good until the laptop went down in the middle of the week. Ended up killing time that weekend hanging out with a friend and ended up smoking + eating poorly those nights. Bad start but a start nonetheless.

Week 2
Work: 0:00
Gym: 0 of 7 days
Eating/Drinks/Drugs: 2 cheat meals / 1 drink / smoked weed once
Responding: Bad (lol didn’t even post here)
Floss/Brushing: Didn’t track but guessing like 50/50 on it

…It was fun not the best week for productivity. Actually it couldn’t have been any worse lmao. Didn’t do anything but fuck around, watch tv, and hang out with friends. No laptop so why try was my excuse to myself. A really poor one through - I could’ve done reading or other work and gone to the gym anyways.

Week 3
Work: 12:45
Gym: 3 of 7 days
Eating/Drinks/Drugs: 3 cheat meals / no drinks / smoked tobacco all weekend
Responding: Bad (^see last week)
Floss/Brushing: Forgot or lazy about 4/14 times.

Got my laptop back Monday and was pretty pissed at myself for the previous week. I channelled it well and Mon-Thurs ended up being my most productive stretch these past three weeks - killed it with everything. Out of town since then for Thanksgiving and visiting family/friends (hence the iffy overall totals and the massive tobacco binge) but this has been a much better week than the previous two and something I can build on.

Overall thoughts - 21 days in and it has been far, far from perfect. I’ve got to start somewhere through and on the bright side there is A LOT of room for improvement. :p Work is getting better and I want to see if I can up it to 15 hours next week and 20 the week after that. Going to the gym is still inconsistent but I’m confident I will get closer to going everyday as I continue. My eating habits has been OK but can be better, not much to say there. My lack of drinking has actually been great so far, however smoking almost every third day has not been ideal. Knowing who I’ll be hanging around the next few days before I get home the drinking/drug consumption will probably get worse but if I can have a clean week once I’m back I’ll be okay with it. Got to get better with the responses (note my inability to even post here weekly) and same with the dental shit.

Goals for this week is not to get TOO off track before I get home and when I get back to finish the week out strong. And to not be a total fuckwad and actually post here next Monday ;)
- Wes