PREREQUISITE to the Newbie Assignment (Optional/Recommended)

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Tribal Elder
Nov 24, 2013
It takes wisdom to see where your knowledge is lacking.

Especially with something as vital and elemental as your own sex life. And while it is this drive to know and experience more. . . which brought you here. You must also consider the position where your journey in seduction begins, if you want to have a better chance at arriving at your chosen destination.

This is because there are so many things in this community you could learn. But what you should learn now, to start your path towards a better sex life, depends on the current version of you. . . who's reading this screen. Consider that a man who consistently seduces beautiful girls from cold approach. . . is very similar to a well-trained athlete who's learned to dominate his chosen sport. Every season he pulls off more amazing feats that become highlight reels, which continually baffle sport scientists. . . who just aren't equipped to fully understand what he does. Keep in mind, that this goes even beyond rhetoric. Because some fields in modern science are currently still playing catch up. . . to what our community’s best and brightest are already aware of.

So, as you can probably imagine, if you are going to learn such a complex and competitive sport. . . you will need discipline for the same reasons that most living things need oxygen. And while this is something you will develop gradually during this journey, it all starts with your fundamentals.

These are crucial because they give form to how you present yourself to the women you meet.

As we discussed already, each man will have a different starting point, while learning to become more attractive. . . to the women he meets. But it is also worth mentioning that fundamentals can always be improved. . . even at the advanced levels of this sport. So here are two essential guides that provide you with simple. . . and straight-forward tools to help you fix your fundamentals. . . and get you started on this path towards a better sex life:
  1. Body oriented therapy
  2. Mirror Neurons
Now its also very important that we consider the question of where you should practice.

We know that regardless of whether you want a loving girlfriend, an entire roster of attractive lovers, or a very impressive notch count. . . it is the journey towards an abundant sex life from cold approach. . . that enables you to achieve these goals. However, there are many students of the game, who have struggled to make any noticeable progress towards their ideal sex life. . . because they started way too far away from their goals and failed to notice.

If you wanted a lauded and respected career in the NBA. . . you'd have already racked up countless hours of basketball practice and experience in high-school. You would also draw on what you learned in high-school. . . to cement yourself as a college basketball player with lots of NBA potential. In other words, developing your social skills in a social circle will shorten your learning curve. . . as a student-of-the-game. So go get comfortable with hot girls in low-pressure scenarios, remember to use discipline as you improve your fundamentals, and bit-by-bit you'll transform yourself. . . into an attractive man.

Once you're ready, you can proceed to the Newbie Assignment.
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