she cockblocks my target and picks ME up


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Jul 20, 2015
i approached a group of two girls on the street. an asian and and a black girl.

the black girl was very unique looking. i chose her as my target and asked her what her nationality was. the asian jumps right in and says, “guess”. i took the opportunity to get both their names before guessing.

after some nationality guessing, i told the black girl she was adorable. the asian girl at this point gets very excited and starts asking me lots of general screening questions. in the moment, to me it seemed like the asian was being a good wingman and was navigating the conversation for her friend (who actually was quite neutral, if even disinterested in me). she was saying things like…

- whats your type?
- do you like younger girls?

My answers to these types of screens are very wide, so the asian girl met them.

and when i started trying to qualify the black girl for creativity (a mistake given her interest levels, i know lol), the asian girl was asking me to define what creativity means...

And then, the asian girl randomly gives me her Instagram handle and says

girl: we can continue this conversation there
At this point, I’m thinking about switching my interest over to the asian. i say... “youre also….” (i was gonna say, “youre also pretty cute” but immediately decided against it, feeling it would degrade my value too much) and then the black girl immediately got all snappy and said, “shes also what?”

So I message her on Instagram….

me: hi sweetie this is fog from earlier
girl: heeeey *cat face*
me: u look like a little princess in ur photos. so cute!
girl: lmfao thanks
me: no problem. so are u the type of person who’s open to new experiences and trying new things?
girl: follow me on instagram first
At first I thought she was just looking for the validation of a hot new follower, but I believe she’s trying to make me jump through a hoop to even out the power dynamic between me and her.

So ya, an overall confusing situation. Operating from the frame that I was interested in the black girl, while the asian was indirectly picking me up? man, i dont even know how to explain this shit

Fuck This

Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Jul 24, 2015
On the flip side I've been the rodeo clown swooping in to distract the aggressive female's unwanted advances. The fact you got some convo after is good though.
I think you should get a date stat. On that date you will find out all the motivations....

Start asking her about what you determine is her interests based on her IG page.
Had I been in your position, I would have had her show me her instagram page on her phone to allow more closeness and incidental kino.
I had a hired gun do that in Winnipeg on a fishing trip. When she heard we were fishing she whipped out her phone and cuddled up to me to show me her pictures. Got a lot of kino on that from her but she had a date after her shift and had to work in the morning.