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Dec 6, 2012
One of my favorites times to cold approach in the street is when it’s raining – without an umbrella. I’ve consistently found that – for whatever reason – a lot of sexy women are surprisingly open to being approached in the rain if they have an umbrella and I don’t. What I’ve realized is that guys approaching women in Day Game are generally rare – but these guys are even more rare in poor weather, because most men will holler at girls in good weather when they’re wearing close to nothing and generally looking good. But few guys will do the same thing in crappy weather or when it’s pouring rain – so it can come off as far more authentic and have better responses.

This year nearly all of my best street approach days were when it was raining.

So you’ll tend to find two kinds of women if you approach them in the rain – ones who will stop and be enamoured that you approached them, and ones who hate the weather and can’t be bothered to stop and talk, and they’ll just run off.

In general I’ve found more of the first type than the second type. It also makes for a movie-like scene with a guy approaching a girl and showing his desire in the middle of rain (or snow, etc), so it definitely adds to the romantic appear.

Street Approach

I finished my final meeting at 6pm on a Wednesday last week. The weather had been great all day, but now the evening thunderstorms were rolling in and about to start – and I’d barely been outside approaching today, maybe done one sometime earlier. To hit my daily tally of at least 5 approaches I decided to walk home and risk getting soaked in the approaching thunderstorm with no umbrella.

Also, at this time in the day my phone battery was at 5% and going to zero fast.

My route takes me right through Rockefeller Center. It starts to rain lightly. I see a sexy, skinny Asian girl approaching from a distance, walking fast. She had large headphones on, a leather jacket, and a short leather skirt. No eye contact made or anything as I walked past her, but I was hella attracted.

This girl walked by me and I turned and approached, running in front of her and going direct. It starts to rain. I ran about 5 seconds in front of her, had a huge smile on my face, looked at her and waved her to stop, then did my opening procedure. She took off her headphones to hear me under her umbrella.

ME: Hey – I saw you walking by and I just had to come tell you – I absolutely love your style today!
HER: <Her face lit up> Aw thanks! That’s so sweet of you! <She walks just past, then stops to talk briefly and turns back slightly to face me>
ME: What’s your name?
HER: Becky
ME: Nice, I’m GP. Are you from New York? <Stick my hand out to do a handshake, and now she’s stopped and facing me>
HER: Nope, I’m from Texas – but I moved here not too long ago.
ME: No way! I used to live in Texas a while ago – what part?
HER: I was in the Dallas area.
ME: Oh wow – well that’s gotta be a huge change to be in New York now. How do you like it?
HER: It’s really great but I’m sorry, I gotta run – I have a gym class to go to that I’m already late <She starts to keep walking while looking back at me, about to turn and walk really fast>
ME: Are you single? <This is my go-to if the girl says she’s off in a rush somewhere – makes it very to the point and if she’s interested she’ll say yes. I’m still stationary and looking at her at this point.>
HER: <Pause> …Yes… I am. <She actually slows, stops and starts to turn back now>
ME: I’d love to get to know you better sometime, what’s your number?
HER: Well…since you stopped to talk to me on the street, sure.
ME: Let’s grab drinks or a coffee another time.
<Then I looked at my phone – it was dead.>
ME: ….aaaand my phones dead. Shit – I knew I should have charged it
HER: Here, I’ll take yours instead, you can put it in my phone.
ME: Ah, it’s okay – I’ll write it on this piece of paper in my bag <pull out a pen from my bag and some random paper> – what is it?” <I never trust girls with my number, they’ll usually never text me.>
HER: <Says her number>
ME: Cool – so how long have you been in New York?”
HER: Just a year….Sorry but I really gotta run, I’m already late and class starts soon – but text me!
ME: Sure, have fun!
She walked away quickly – and by this time it was absolutely pouring. I was already completely soaked through my shirt and blazer just talking to her. I ended up approaching another four girls on the walk home, but didn’t get any other numbers or leads. That one felt good enough though.

All in all we talked very briefly that she moved to New York a year ago, and that she’s from Texas in the Dallas area. That’s all I knew about her. Maybe it was 3-4 lines, and about a 30 second conversation.

Came home to find that my phone wouldn’t even turn on – and that the sheet of paper that I wrote her number on was partially soaked. Was worried I just botched a great opener, and was annoyed that iPhones just aren’t made the same since Steve Jobs left. Luckily after some research online I found the problem and it started.


Upon getting home and readying to text her, I realized I completely forget her name! I thought I remembered what she said – but I wasn’t sure. This is pretty abnormal as I usually vividly remember the names of girls I talk to, but it slipped this time.

I’ve found that not remembering a girl’s name on the approach is a massive risk – it could kill everything because no girl wants to be confused with someone else. However, sometimes you can recover if you text her something close to her name and ask how it’s spelled. Name below changed for protection.
Wednesday night:
ME: Hey Beckie (spelling?), it's GP... Save my number :)
HER: Hi! It's actually Becky. Is your name just GP?
ME: Got it, Becky! Mine's actually Grand Pooba, but everyone calls me GP
ME: How was your class? :)
HER: It was great, didn't mean to be rude or anything but it was at 6:30 and I needed to change.
HER: Are you familiar with Texas because it sounded like you are
Thursday morning:
ME: Understandable! Was getting soaked walking home anyway
ME: Love Texas! I lived there a few years... What brought you to NYC? :)
HER: Oh nice, what part of Texas?
HER: I moved here for work but before this I lived in Minneapolis. I had to get out of there <sweat emoji>
ME: Houston. Can't imagine a Texan lasting long in Minneapolis, NYC sounds like it's a nice upgrade ;)
ME: I'd love to hear more over drinks or a milkshake next week! How are your evenings shaping out? :)
HER: Hmmm.....if you promise not to kill me. I've never gone out with someone I met on the streets on NY.
HER: I'm usually free after like 6ish
<Note – with this kind of frame it’s best to joke about it, or ignore it and move forward anyway. But humor is the clear winner since it’s just a test>.
ME: Perfect! And don’t worry, I’m more of a “lock you in my basement” type of guy ;)... you’ll get along great with the others
ME: How do drinks Monday or Tuesday evening around 6 sound to you? :)
HER: If I'm gonna get snatched give me a heads up because I need to text my mom some cute pics for the missing persons poster. <LOL emoji>
HER: Tuesday works better for me! Mondays are crazy
ME: Well... photography is something I do too - can probably do those for a discount ;)
ME: Tuesday it is! I'll text you Monday next week with the place :)
Friday Morning:
HER: That works see you then :)
ME: Cool - Enjoy your weekend, Becky!
HER: Thanks, you too!
Monday Morning:
ME: Hey Becky - how was your weekend?
HER: Hi! It was very busy but fun. How was yours?
ME: Glad to hear! Mine was great - had family in town for a graduation
ME: How does XYZ Bar on ##st between ##av/##av sound for tomorrow? :)
HER: Oh congratulations to the grad! A beautiful weekend for people to visit
HER: Yes that works for me! I've never been there.
ME: It really was - a great start to Summer!
ME: Perfect, I'll see you tomorrow Becky :)
Now I could have stopped here – but part of the new method I’m testing is to do 2-3 venue bounces on my first date, and based on talking with some other coaches it seems like an art gallery is a really good first venue before moving to drinks – which I wanted to test.

So I have decided to use my anti flake text as a venue change text.

Tuesday Morning:
ME: Hey Becky - there’s a cool art gallery in the area I’ve been meaning to check out. Want to meet there for a bit before we grab drinks? :)
HER: Sure sounds like fun, where is it?
ME: <Name> Gallery - <address>. Does 6, 6:15 still work for you? :)
HER: 6:15 should be ok! See you then
ME: Perfect, see you then!

Art Gallery Meet (starts at 6:20pm, 10-20 minutes)

I’m in the middle of revamping my date model, and wanted to test a new approach – to go for a first date pull, but by doing 2-3 venues in very quick succession to make the first date seem more variable, as if she will have known me for a much longer time. Moving girls around also builds compliance, and each change allows me to get more physical as well as I work towards the pull.

I saw her standing outside the venue waiting for me on the street. She was texting her friend wrapping up as I went up to greet her. I was wearing my best clothes.

Tried something new on the greet – I put my hands out for her to hug me, then pointed to the right and left of my cheeks for her to kiss me as I did this. She grabbed my body instead of my hands (so I hugged her with my hands instead), then we hugged and Euro-greet-kissed three times, before I suggested that we go inside.

Right off the bat the vibe was sarcastic-testy-funny. I started to talk about art, but she commented on how all the art sucked in this place – and that it all seemed to be based around food. (Turns out the gallery’s monthly exhibit was on food art). I just ran with it and started to build up on that vibe, and made fun of the art a bit, even touching it once to show a point. That was breaking a rule.

From about five minutes in I noticed lots of incidental touch. One of the breakthroughs I’ve been making this year is with incidental touch – and how to touch with your entire body when you’re with a girl. Women do this, and men should too – it communicates a whole lot. In Becky’s case she was standing right next to me but always had her arm and body touching me in some form, and I made sure that I would do exactly the same thing.

We moved around the art gallery talking about art, as well as how she wound up in New York from Minneapolis. I used this opportunity for my sex talk seed – talking about how in other cities people tend to hang out in smaller social circles, but because everyone is so close to everyone else, people just end up gossiping constantly about everyone else’s business. She agreed but also mentioned how she loves to gossip, and laughed about it.

Walk to Bar, Stop in Park in Between (15 minutes)

The art gallery went by really, really quickly. Shockingly fast – she was not only very close to me the whole time and bantering well, but it also looked like she was getting bored quickly. Time to move – I told her we should go grab those drinks and we left around 6:40.

We crossed the street on the way out and I noticed she was still giving me incidental touch at this time – so the first thing I did is just take my arm and swing it around her upper body (around her shoulder) as we were walking. She complied, and got close to me and started walking very, very close to me. I was firm and forceful with my body.

We were talking more about her work, college, and social frames on the walk to the park. From the middle of the art gallery to the bar I learned more about what she didn’t like about Minnesota, how she was a huge nerd through high school and college, how she ended up in New York and the hassles of moving her, how her friend’s roommate died and traumatized her, and how she’s not sure about what she wants to do with her life in the future. I didn’t bring up the park – we just happened to walk past it, and I suggested we go walk inside. She followed me as if nothing happened – and as I’d never been to this park before we spent maybe five minutes doing one quick lap around it. There wasn’t much to see.

Some guy at the front asked us if we could watch his bike while he went to check something with the park host (it’s one of those private parks) – this was a nice chance for me to demonstrate some dominance. We kept talking while I held on to the big, and he came out and thanked me – and Becky and I carried on as usual.

By now she was totally compliant to my touch – either walking next to me with my hand around her waist, or with her arm in mind (briefly).

Bar (25-30min)

The bar I picked was just a block and a half from the park, so it was a short three minutes or so slow walk. We talked more about her time in the Midwest and how she finally wound up in NYC on the way over there.

Walked into this tiny boutique bar that neither of us had ever been to. Layout was a U shaped bar counter, plus one row of bench seating along the back with some counter chairs around high circular tables. I chose to sit on the bench seating. She complied by sitting right next to me.

Sat right next to her, immediately had my hand on her lap, or around the back of her body. Again she was super close and compliant. I think I was touching her ass at that point too – in a way that no one could see.

She asked now where I lived as we sat down and why I picked this spot – I told her to take a wild guess, before she revealed that she also lived in the neighborhood. I shared that I lived somewhere in the ten blocks to the north – and then told her exactly where. It turns out now that we live just a block and a half from each other – very cool. I love it when girls live close, makes things ultra convenient to see each other.

By now I had picked up that this girl is definitely somewhere in the green range – and even though the time was now just 7, I started to guess that maybe I should pull her quickly and early. If I waited too long, she would lose interest – maybe she wants me to go faster than I realized.

Helped her pick drinks and kept talking about her. Then she asked me what I did and I told her – in a very detailed and passionate way about my business and how I ended in New York many years ago – before going into traveling and how I used to go so many places. That allowed me to segue into how NYC is so different from most cities I visit, and it’s surprisingly tough to live in at first. She concurred.

About fifteen minutes in and halfway through drink one I saw her check her watch twice. Uh oh – she’s getting impatient. I start to go into sex talk. I was going to lead into the 8 orgasm routine – but I stopped when I introduced it – and she said two critical things:

1. That she should text her friends if they know about 8 types of orgasms, because they probably don’t. She also mentioned how she’s never had a wet dream.
2. That all of her friends are really non-judgmental, and they cheer each other on to get laid and when they get laid. It also sounded like most of her friends were gay man – so she was already used to hook-ups.

Usually a key part of my game is sex talk – but I also noticed right off the bat that she was already horny and being ultra-compliant – she basically wanted me to pull already. I wisely decided I would just wait and started talking about something else. It *seemed* like doing sex talk would have overdone it and made me appear really try hard.

We finished our drinks and keep talking.

Pull (around 7:30pm)

Bartender comes around and asks if we want more drinks – she says no, as do I. I then ask for the check soon after. Check comes and I start to seed the pull by talking about some photography and looping back to art.

ME: I want to go show you some photography and some of my art, let’s go and we can also try some sour beer that I told you about.
HER: Are you asking if we can go back to your place to have sex? <we were looking straight in each others eyes, she was smiling and looking very submissive.>
ME: Yes <No hesitation, no pause, held eye contact and smiled>
HER: Okay <starts putting on jacket and getting bag>
That was a super direct pull – good thing I went for that, or she would have probably ejected soon after.

It was around 7:20-7:30 by when I pulled her home. The bar I picked was about a 7 minute walk from where I live – just three and a half blocks. I walked with her to my place the same way as I did between the art gallery and the bar – with my hand around her waist gripping her to my body. She was highly compliant. We talked more about the neighborhood and she pointed out where she lived. I think I started talking more about travel, showed her my map of travel last year and some of my pictures.

At Home

Walked into my apartment building, waited for the elevator. So far this girl has been super compliant, and she seems excited and horny, so I saw no point in waiting (see this article for reference ... -shy-girls) to start escalating. Started initiating the kiss as we’re waiting for the elevator. Slow and passionate, then got really intense within seconds. She’s a great kisser, I can tell we’ll have really good chemistry. Before the elevator even arrived we were basically going into sex mode.

Elevator arrives, we walk in. Door closes and I grab her again – and this time I body slam her against the wall of the elevator (if any of you try this, remember to put your hand behind the girl’s head). She gets super turned on. Now I’m grabbing her ass, her body, as I’m making out. She’s grabbing my back, ass, and shirt.

I think I already started to touch her pussy under her skirt.

Elevator arrives at my floor, quickly go inside.

ME: Want some water?
HER: Sure
Then I do the same thing and slam her against the wall again – just as passionate, very nice. I’m really going for her pussy now and she has no resistance, and is super wet. I start to unbutton my jeans, then I put her hands down my pants to touch my cock. We’re still by the door.

ME: Get on your knees. <I start to push her down with my hands, but she’s a little resistant.>
HER: I think blowjobs are super intimate, more intimate than sex – I don’t give them to just anybody, and I don’t really know you.
Ah, so this girl sees sex as no big deal, but she still wants something special to give to a guy she likes. For some women it’s kissing, for others it’s a BJ, and yet for others it’s access to her pussy. Meaning she’s probably way too horny in general to hold back on sex.

Anyway, I back off a bit – it would have made sense to go straight for the close quickly, but I wanted to see what would happen if I took a little time. Also I had had a porn relapse the weekend prior and I didn’t fully trust my erections – would need to take some time to get fully hard – and I wanted to make sure that I could perform well for that.

So I backed off a bit, got us some beer and suggested we smoke some weed. She was done. We spent about five minutes drinking and smoking, and then I basically picked her up and threw her on the bed and kept on escalating.

We fucked a total of three times over the next three hours or so. I finally fucked her on the second attempt – after I had already gone down on her for a while and given her an orgasm. Took breaks in between all sessions to drink, smoke some weed, and chill. I ended up taking her to my rooftop briefly as well. We had a great playful banter going between all the sessions.

She kept asking about how often I talk to girls on the street, and how she barely knew me and yet we were here hooking up.

Admittedly I didn’t manage this frame that well – I knew she wanted me to indicate to her in some way that she was special – or I could have deflected, but instead I just stayed silent. It kept popping up in my head that I’m actually decently good at meeting women on the street and bedding them, she was just another one. Also, during sex I literally grabbed a box of condoms and ended up grabbing three – and she looked at my quizzically – how does this guy have so many condoms? Well yes, I do have a lot of sex with other women - but, I did like her. So far the sexual chemistry was great, and we were having a great time outside of just having sex. Both of those are great signs for something more, but we’ll see.

On the roof she started telling me how other guys have approached her on the street, but she gave me her number (which she never does) because I did it in the rain and she saw I was getting soaked. So she felt that it must have been very genuine if I was so attracted to her at that moment. In response I grabbed her ass and made out with her.


While on the roof I proposed that we go grab food somewhere. Right before we head out after she had already put on her clothes, I took a shot at one more round – just pushed her against another wall, grabbed her ass, started biting her neck and being very aggressive. She was into it. Pulled her panties off below her skirt, pushed her on the bed and put on a condom and start to rail her doggy style with all her clothes and shoes on. It was hot as hell, but I probably went too hard too fast – flipped her over to find her sweating and what appeared to be pain.

Entered her again in missionary and this time she verbalized it.
HER: You’re hurting me!
I looked at her quizzically. Shit. I must have fucked her hard before she was ready for it – told her we can try it with some lube, but it’s clear she doesn’t like condoms and they hurt her. I don’t like them either, so we went for another five minutes before I stopped and said let’s just go eat.

Interspersed through sex I told her that I was having a great time with her – and she said the same thing but half heartedly it seemed. I couldn’t tell exactly why, though.

Picked a restaurant about four blocks away. Walked over exactly the same way – with my hand around her waist and ass – walking close but very dominantly. We were laughing and vibing the whole way. Sat at the bar at the restaurant. The entire time I noticed that even though I was facing the bar, she was facing me entirely with her body. I was high as a kite at this point and could barely talk well – so I mostly listened to her.

I told her that I had a really great time with her and I’d like to see her again. She said the same thing. Then as I was touching her legs, she said that she’s not down for more sex tonight, or for me to come over – she’s super sore. Kept mentioning that her room is really messy and she never has people over, plus has work early in the morning. I played around with this but also didn’t care.

After the restaurant I walked her over to her place. Three blocks walk north. I again walked with my hand around her waist. Noticed she was grabbing my hand around my waist and interlocking her fingers. For the last block I let go and did a standard coupley hand hold.

At her door she again reiterated that she’s not down for sex again, and she has to wake up early and is tired. I told her I’ve gotta get up super early too – so we had a two or three minute make-out, then parted ways.

Next Day:

ME: I had a great time with you last night, Becky... hope you're not too tired ;)
HER: Yeah thank you for not kidnapping me! I had a great time too
ME: Damn it, I totally forgot about that part... Next time ;)
HER: Great I'll get the missing person photo ready
ME: Today’s your lucky day, I have a great special on missing persons photos going on. The others can’t wait to meet you!
HER: This is going to make a great Netflix documentary if this isn't joke.... <eyes emoji>
ME: Who said anything about a joke... Maybe it's start of your live action horror movie career... ;)
ME: *the
HER: Hmmmm...tempting but no I think I'll stay alive please <prayer emoji>
ME: Yup, the star always stays alive... barely ;)
ME: Off to Ohio till Sunday night, but I'd love to see you again soon - how's your schedule next week? :)
HER: Oh right to Columbus! Jenni's Ice Cream there is really good
HER: Works gonna be really busy next week but I could do Tuesday or Thursday.
ME: Thanks for the cool tip, I'll check it out!
ME: Tuesday evening works - let's plan on that then :)


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Dec 20, 2018
Thanks for this, really appreciate all the detail. The real paradigm-shift for me is the rain daygame approach - because you are right, generally since I started daygame I have avoided approaching women when it's raining! Time to rethink this.