Year and a half dry spell


Oct 9, 2018
You read that correctly. Im 20, in college, and havent had sex in a year and a half. But I'm looking to change man. Previous semesters I was so scared to talk to girls and didnt even try, but now its like second nature. I go out, get drunk, mack a couple shorties, and get the number. These two months alone of school, I've talked to more girls then I ever had in previous years. Its crazy, but I literally just didn't put myself out there. This time around, I've had a one girl with a boyfriend in my bed twice and invute me over at 2 AM once, and had a 24 year old girl put her number in my phone and get mad at me because I didnt invite her over that night. I've come close to having sex than I ever had in the past, but I just need to seal the deal now and just be persistent but keeping shit within the vibe. My progress is enjoyable and I hope I dont lose my sauce.