1. Spyce D

    4 approaches a day challenge + Going solo from now

    I had a really good wing with whom I gamed for a while last week who helped me get out of the rut . But , he won't be available for some time . So , I decided to use whatsapp groups to find another ones . Weird thing in pua community ( atleast outside of this forum) is lack of understanding...
  2. V

    How do you deal with girls' challenges?

    I encountered quite a few times where the girls would challenge me on something. For example on a date, one girl asked me how many girls I had went on date with, I said 10 something, she then said "That's so nasty! Wouldn't you afraid of getting diseases?". I responded by saying I use condom...
  3. mist

    Hoe Hoe Hoe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hoes

    @Don Giovanni @Destiny @madala @Surveyor
  4. LemurKing

    Ninja's Newbie Assignment

    Check out my No Way Back the full picture. Long story short, I was an extreme AFC for most of my life; fat, shy, timid, resentful, depressed, etc... About a year ago I came to the conclusion that going on like I was wasn't a life worth living and decided to get my act together. Besides diet...
  5. J

    I Dumped my Ex Girlfriend and Would Like to Get Her Back

    The situation is I never had sex with my ex girlfriend. I dumped her a few days ago and would like to get her back. I know to succeed in getting her back, I must have sex with her. However, she has unfriended me on Facebook and ignored my two calls yesterday. I know to not pursue her and focus...
  6. J

    My girlfriend loves me more than I love her... so what's the problem you might say

    Hello, my name is Jibri. I've been dating my girlfriend, coming up to be a year now. She confessed to me, a while ago, that she feels like I don't love her as much as she loves me, though I tell her I love her. I've been reading and studying Girlschase articles in regards to love and...