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As you get better, your success is measured in the opportunities u turn down not the ones you take.

Just because she's hot means she's worthwhile (obvious to some but I'm gonna say it regardless 😁😏)
If I could consolidate all there is to this into a single advice:

Get to the level of chicks you want.

Scout out enough to find them

Ignore the rest.

Once you get to a point where u can get hotties consistently and easily, nothing else matters.

You'll get turned down by average chicks ( at times ).

And that's okay.

All that matters - you can get the caliber of chicks you want
A lot more people would be advanced if they actually did the beginner shit they think they're too good for ...

You don't become advanced by doing fancy stuff.You get there by doing all the obvious beginner stuff you know you should be doing but aren't.

Sometimes we overcomplicate stuff to feel fancy.But simple "scales" fancy fails.

Once u come upon this realization,u r set for life👌
Are philosophical conversations a seduction killer? Feel like how it’s done determines if it’s a hit or miss as long as it’s nothing they could strongly disagree with lolss
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Chad Tyrone
Chad Tyrone
Most topics could make for good conversation material... depends on how you broach them . If it's a really sensitive one you can elicit their thoughts on it and work from there.
It depends on the girl, and to a lesser degree on the topic. Usually doesn’t build much arousal but it tends to break her out of her frame and make her feel comfortable opening up to you.
Some girls eat it up. Others want physical game.