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It always pays to meet more women

If you are stuck gaming one chick, trust me 9 times out of ten you'll chase her when she slows things down

You have different agendas

And whichever party wants things progressing is the chasing one, obviously

Women can easily pick on a carefreeness aura when you are meeting more women

That doesn't necessarily mean they'll make it easier for you
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Chad Tyrone
Chad Tyrone
You'll need to be exceptional for that

And if you are exceptional enough that you move fast with Mary

Would it matter if Jane is playing games?

Hardly, right?

She is quickly forgotten as you consistently meet women who will go for it faster with you.

Would it matter if she never gets back to you?

Heck no...you are enjoying other women already to even care
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Even with good game,you won't get some girls

Heck,you can be socially savvy for her yet for whatever reason she wouldn't like things progressing with you

Does that mean your game is subpar?

Chances are... but at advanced levels,it ain't

Do you lose your value especially if you are a cool dude?

Hell no

You still retain your universal value that appeals to most ,either way

Go find women who will appreciate it
Move things forward,yes

But don't be super insistent about it that you end up chasing

Past a certain point, it's easy to tell she's not interested

Move along
You may get very good at this that other guys totally become irrelevant

Yet not most people will root for the lover . Idc how sexy or smooth you are

You'll cross paths with people who don't want the best for you for whatever reason

Such people may derail your seduction and you wind up losing the girl ...

Or the girl finding it harder to go along with you cause her friends are talking her out of it
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Chad Tyrone
Chad Tyrone
All the more reason to seduce away from prying eyes:sneaky:

Or make her look good in public where not possible

Of course , girl friends can be easily won but what if you are not in a position to meet them?

What if they are yet to see how cool you are and are skeptical of you ?
Chad Tyrone
Chad Tyrone
Trust me , once they are talking her out of it

She won't show up next time(most likely)

"But what about your relationship with Joe Schmoe"

Chad Tyrone
Chad Tyrone
Emotions you generated in her cool off

And it gets kinda hard trying to get her out again

Be in a secluded place

Create desire

Then ACT