1. LemurKing

    Night Game Help - What the fuck do I talk about

    I've started going out to bars alone at night during the weekdays. I'm a pretty attractive guy with a decent sense of style and I notice a lot of women looking at me, positioning themselves closer to me, trying to get my attention etc... But I'm so self-consonance about my social skills that...
  2. Surveyor

    FR Approached after a makeup class, excellent convo but I

    Today I attended a later lecture than usual for my humanities class due to a business appointment, same course, same professor, same material. Lecture format but in a regular classroom. So I have serious social proof and confidence in this setting due to, well....being myself, but am a...
  3. Surveyor

    Symbolism and deep double entendres

    This is my late-night philosophizing so either it's complete and utter BS (in which case feel free to say so), or I'm actually on to something very deep. Any old loser can deploy a double entendre right? But what about, and I am not for a second suggesting that anyone can feasibly do this as a...
  4. Surveyor

    Surveying the Topography

    Welcome to my humble journal. I intend to post updates more or less regularly, but not daily. I'm a freshman at one of the hottest colleges in the country. I waited to start until the world went back to being vaguely normal, so I'm already 20. If you recognize my profile picture, I'm pretty...
  5. Calibration

    Calls & Texts How can I change the frame over text?

    I met a super hot chic today in a park. Tbh, I was a bit intimidated by her looks (I know, I know). I opened her direct, complimented on her hair. She was investing and the conversation lasted a good 15 mins or so and I left the conversation since I had to go somewhere. She was a psychology...