friends with benefits

  1. Surveyor

    Special Girl Super shy classmate likes me

    In my language class, there's a young woman (she's actually 21). The Class Quite intimate (we're down to 10-15 students regularly attending), evenings, Euro aunt first-time professor, I'm her favorite simply because I love the subject and otherwise act like a grad student. In addition, due to...
  2. Surveyor

    Older (25+) single girls in college: How to proceed?

    So I've met two different older girls (I use that word deliberately) in college recently. Both intellectual, in good shape for their age, apparently single, have their lives in order, quiet, slightly lonely, no red flags, both actively expressing limited interest in me. The first is 37 or so...
  3. Surveyor

    Surveying the Topography

    Welcome to my humble journal. I intend to post updates more or less regularly, but not daily. I'm a freshman at one of the hottest colleges in the country. I waited to start until the world went back to being vaguely normal, so I'm already 20. If you recognize my profile picture, I'm pretty...
  4. Dragon913

    Converting a girl to regular FWB

    so i went for drinks with a brazilian girl, we vibed. fucked her in the ass and came inside of pussy :D left her at home and the following day had she texted me. thanks for the moments, and took the pill, our brazilian chinese baby isnt going to come this time :p since shes hot i wanna convert...