Get guy friends to keep you in check...


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Nov 7, 2019

So important to be transparent I recently acted in an out of character way where I was wayyyyy too invested in a girl I shouldn't be.

Nothing crazy but definitely killed our dynamic which before this point was me very much me in full control.

Anyway one thing that's helped me process this is having cool friends with game who I can vent and bounce ideas off.

Usually ends up in eye opening conversations, me laughing and 99% of the time prevention of me doing silly things.

Why build a guy circle?

This situation made me think that if I was dealing with this solo, my blue pill friends wouldn't be much help and this forum's great but it doesn't replace real life interactions.

I've also got into the habit of "collecting" cool guys over the past year. Even though I'm a genuine people person when I moved to London I fell into the easy habit of just focusing on girls and having far too few male friends. What I noticed is it's important to have your "tribe" as they keep you grounded and make life more enjoyable.

Talking about crypto, building businesses and fucking girls aren't necessarily subjects that you can have with your FB or even MLTR.

How to build that circle?

One thing everyone can do is just make sure you're fun to be around. This means you're positive, engaged and excited about life/ willing to put in effort. Me and a friend recently met a guy like this who was a little awkward but had heaps of potential so we're bringing him into the circle. We would of isolated him if he was the moaning negative type.

Another thing in common theme I've found with good friends is that they have the ability to "make things happen". Whether that be opening sets on a night out or just in their personal lives of achieving "out the ordinary things" like above average salaries, learning 2nd languages, high notch counts or securing cool residences.

You should be the same.

It's important that you give value and not just receive it. I'm reaching a point where if a guy is friends with me long enough I'll probably get him laid. Members of this forum can confirm this (you know who you're lol).


Just some closing thoughts as the situation was lowkey bugging me but this is a silver lining. Another closing tip/reminder is if your emotions has the potential to overtake your self-discipline R.E a specific girl... Just delete her number and bring in new girls lol.

Onwards and upwards.