LR LR: Fuck Me On This Porch


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Sep 21, 2016
Having a blast out here guys. My latest.

That club I'm apart of now had to cancel their party. I turned to some of my looser friends to get the night started and had a good time. Most of them didn't know me but I did my best to make friends. Mostly guys & girls who were dating.

Went to my favorite dive by myself and talked to a guy who studies RSD. Meant to get his number but after talking about pick up for a little bit lost him. Explained GC very briefly. Hopefully he checks the main site out.

Almost immediately after talking to this guy I open a two set of an HB7 blonde and her brunette friend. I think I just opened by walking up to them slowly and smiling, then saying hey. Spent equal time with each of them at first, and kept the conversation going in a good direction. Then this weird dude with a backpack started creeply standing next to us and just staring at the brunette, like directly in our bubble.

The blonde, Bomber, asked me if I knew the guy and I said no I didn't, possibly assuming the brunette did. I said a few words to him and he just stared at me so I said to the girls that we should go outside to sit on a bench instead, and Bomber is super down. We get in there and clarify that no one knew the guy and it being fucking weird lol.

Then I sit down with the two and keep talking. I still spend equal time with them but I'm a bit more physical with Bomber now that she's given me compliance. She has to get a new drink and so we pop into the bar, just us two. Here I have her offer to buy my drink and get a water. Once she pays for them I take her aside and say I just want to talk to her, then deep dive her about her original motivations with becoming a nurse. At the end I manhandle kiss her, and then we go back to her friend who's been waiting on us.

Once we're back her friend almost immediately leaves for pizza and so we keep flirting and talking. I also do my "Shadow" gambit and explain how I understand she's both a nice person and a bitch. She says she's more of a bitch and I frame her as being so nice to me from the start which she melts right into because she likes me so much. When the friend comes back something comes up about diet and we have a fun little argument where I was able to show that I hold frame when I think something - not too serious and playful the whole time though. Bomber leaves for the bathroom and I clarify with her friend that she's single. She smiles and says she is. When bomber comes back I'm slowly but surely more physical with her, now touching her legs and sitting closer to her.

The brunette eventually says it's time for me to get Bomber's number. Lol fuck that. I keep talking to them and figure out that we live very close to eachother and frame their house as a cool adventure for me that I need to see, calling it the "trap palace" or some shit. There's a little bit of resistance from both of them but I keep my frame as a kind of a fratty dude and persist - they were into it so I played that card. Lately I've been for more romantic, but these girls seemed to like the friendly, somewhat smart, bro vibe I was giving off so I kept it.

We start to leave together and the friend walks up much further ahead of us because she has to pee. I make this an opportunity to make out with Bomber and escalate further, now grabbing her ass and pulling her into me. Right after, I cement that her and I are gonna have fun at her house, and regardless of how it goes down we'll figure it out. She says her friend needs her attention because she's only visiting this weekend and I say we'll both have a good time with her before we decide to get selfish. She smiles excitedly and we hold hands, walking to her house.

Once we're there we smoke a bowl and I give the friend a little more attention, and once we're kinda high I suggest to Bomber to give me a tour of her house, walking into the kitchen where we make out and then onto the patio. We're out there for all of two seconds before I have her sitting on the railing and we start hooking up much harder. She's getting super wet because I'm teasing the fuck out of her and she's stroking my dick.

I clarify that she wants me to fuck her right there and she starts saying "yes, fuck me". To make it hotter and cement compliance & consent I keep saying shit like "yea? you want me to fuck you right here?" while undressing her and she's moaning as we make out saying, "just fuck me. fuck me right here on the porch. I want you inside me". While this is super hot and I'm getting turned on, I'm pretty fucking hammered. I did slip it in but I could only get half up because of whiskey dick.

We get butt-fucking-naked on her porch (which is in a very exposed area mind you lol) and she's sucking me off. I still can't get a good torque so I suggest we fuck on the ground. She's down and I move her to the gravel but same shit, my dick isn't hard enough. She says it's fine if we move to her room (despite saying that definitely wasn't an option earlier because her friend). We've been outside for so long by the time we come back in the friend is sleeping >:)

Things move to sex almost instantly in her room, but I can't get up! I finger blast the shit out of her and we hang out and talk, hooking up all the while. After about 2 hours of this (persistence boys!) and after I've agreed to fuck her in the morning, my dick starts to work. I fuck her in multiple positions for a while until she's soaking. She has a hard time cumming in general, and because of our height differences some of my usual moves are more difficult. No biggie, she was soaking fucking wet and loved every second of it. After sex we talk and joke, laughing our asses off because we're both stoned. Some cool real talk about life, if I recall correctly.

The next morning we wake up and 69, to reverse cowgirl, to doggy. Great ass and knows how to throw it back. We keep the good vibe going and she's super easy to get along with. Not really interested in FB's or anything, but I had a great time. I have her walk me out and get her number, but then my phone dies so now she'll think I just ghosted her :p

Ah well. Good times.