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Michael Chief

Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Sep 10, 2018
To the members of the SkilledSeducer Forum:

My name is Michael Chief and I used to be a writer for GirlsChase. I am a dating coach and community veteran with an obsession for the topic of dating, relationships, seduction, psychology, etc.

Some of you have been in the community for a while now, and may know me as “Chief,” the former head moderator of a certain now-dead PUA forum that used to be owned by PUA Training, as well a moderator for Vin DiCarlo’s forum, which is also long dead. In addition to my past work with Chase, I have also worked and collaborated with Richard La Ruina, Adam Lyons, Badboy, and 60 Years of Challenge, to name a few.

About 20 years ago, I started my journey with Double Your Dating and went on to learn pretty much everything the seduction community had to offer. I field tested everything I could to find out what worked best for me, and guided others on their journeys as well.

The older and more experienced I got, the more I started to realize that there were some really important lessons missing from most of the PUA literature and discussions.

Humbly, I think I have some insight to offer, so I wrote a book:

Not only does this book contain all the most effective, time-tested techniques that will help you get laid or get a girlfriend, but I’ve also included a lot of content focused on how we seducers can adapt to this post-#MeToo era.

There’s also a heavy emphasis on what I believe to be the number one most important thing in life:


I have had A LOT of sex throughout my journey of pickup artistry, and I’ll show you how you can, too, but that wasn’t my initial motivation. My initial motivation was love. I wanted women to love me because they are what I love most in this world. And I found that for myself. And I want to help you find it, too.

I want you to taste this abundance. Not just an abundance mentality. ACTUAL abundance of women and love. It has made me truly happy, and I want that for you, too. I want the world to have more love, and for you heal through it like I have.

That’s the real reason I wrote Never Lonely: The Uncensored Guide on How to Attract and Be Loved by Women.

Please enjoy:

If this book helps you in any way, please consider leaving a review both on Amazon and in this thread! Amazon reviews from verified purchasers will especially help me a lot.

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Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Oct 28, 2016
I'm only 1/3 through it and, in my opinion, it provides a great foundation for all levels to work with. Things are presented simply enough for new people to grasp, but in ways that experienced people can encounter new dimensions of things they're already aware of.

For anyone familiar with my current woes, it seems like I need a full reset and a lot of mental reframing and this book speaks to that situation very well. Michael presents the technique, the why, and accompanying healthy mentalities rolled together as a wholistic package. I look forward to reading the rest!

Michael Chief

Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Sep 10, 2018
Random question: Does the book have a short autobiography abotu you? Always interested in the O.G. guys.
The introduction tells a bit of my personal story, as well as parts of other chapters here and there. I'll post the introduction here:
Dear younger me,

If this letter could travel back in time, there are a lot of things about women and dating I would want to tell you. You have already gone through a lot of pain. You’re confused, depressed, and lack confidence. You think of yourself as worthless and ugly because there isn’t a single girl who likes you back. You suspect that you’re doomed to be forever alone. You constantly feel incredibly lonely. Fortunately, however, you also believe that, for every problem, there is a solution. And it’s true.

You are unique in how much you care about the subject of dating and relationships. You’ve been obsessed with it ever since you were just a kid. Not many second grade boys develop crushes on their classmates; most are still running away from girls in fear of cooties at that age. You’re a young man now, though, and you have been through countless rejections, feeling frustrated yet stubborn enough to keep trying to find love again and again.

Remember when you gave that adorable white teddy bear to that girl on Valentine’s Day when you were in the third grade? Remember the look of disgust on her face as she returned it to you? That look of disgust wasn’t because of the bear. It was because the bear was from you. That hurt. That pain of rejection didn’t just make you sad; social rejection activates the same parts of the brain that light up in response to physical pain. That pain you felt was very real. However, while most kids would have given up the pursuit of love for the rest of their lives right then and there, you soldiered through and kept putting yourself in situations where you felt that same pain again and again.

Even while still in Elementary school and all throughout Middle school, you had crushes on different girls each year, writing love letters, giving gifts, making all the classic romantic gestures you tried to emulate from Hollywood and media. Each time, you were rejected. Each time, it hurt like hell. But you kept trying. You never stopped trying. And you tried everything: you sought advice, you researched a lot, you talked to tons of girls, and you tried to change yourself. You were hell-bent on finding any and every possible way to make yourself more attractive and appealing to girls despite your limitations. Despite being called short, despite being called ugly, you persisted to find a way.

That persistence will eventually pay off. There will come a time when you will never feel lonely again. By the time you hit your thirties, not only will you have found love again and again through a journey of seemingly endless hedonism and romance with women more beautiful and wonderful than you ever could have imagined, but you will also have helped countless other men who struggled with what you’ve been struggling with as well. People will have even paid you their hard-earned money to coach them, and you will have helped them in so many ways from losing their virginities to even getting married. You will have dedicated most of your life to unlocking the secrets of women, dating, romance, love, relationships, and everything even remotely related to those things. Your journey will not have been without heartache, but you will have felt less and less lonely, and more and more loved, with each step forward. With the knowledge I offer here, I hope that your growth can be exponentially faster and even more enjoyable.

You might be asking yourself, though, “Why a book?” There are a lot of people in the world who scoff at the very idea of learning about dating and relationships from a book. They seem to have the natural ability to successfully attract others without needing any sort of advice, and they seem to think that anyone who actually needs to learn this kind of stuff from a book or a seminar is the epitome of a loser. Well, that’s exactly what I was. I was such a loser that no girl showed any interest in me whatsoever. In the extremely rare cases where someone actually did show some semblance of interest in me, I swiftly messed up my chances somehow each and every time.

I was a loser with no confidence. I didn’t know how to get girls to like me. I tried whatever I could to express my affections to many, many girls, but was still getting rejected each and every time. And I’m ashamed to admit that my frustration eventually turned into suicidal depression. I’m ashamed because I know how silly that sounds. I know that it might sound ridiculous because most people might think that suffering from such a condition would be the result of a more serious trauma like abuse, addiction, or war. Why would anyone be seriously depressed just because they couldn’t get a date, right?

The truth is, rejection after rejection, I started to feel worthless, and that no one would ever love me. Worse yet, when mental health counselors and psychiatric professionals tried to evaluate me as a troubled teenager, I could never bring myself to admit that my bad feelings were the result of the lack of feminine affection in my life. I felt like there just weren’t any resources to address what I was really going through. It was difficult to express how I felt, so I resorted to various forms of self-harm in hopes that god or the universe would stop harming me if they saw that I already had that job covered.

With nowhere else to turn, one day, I serendipitously came across some books that promised to teach me how to attract women. To me, this was a godsend. Learning how to get girls to like me was all I ever wanted. I started to feel hope. I started to heal just from having hope. Discovering the existence of this entire genre of literature, I desperately ate everything up. Some techniques that I learned didn’t work. However, some did. I eventually healed a lot more after finding love not just once, but countless times as a result of my self-development efforts.

Not only was I able to finally experience hookups and relationships like a regular person, I used everything I learned from those books, as well as techniques and methods I developed myself, to go above and beyond what any rational person would define as normal. I could not tell you how many women I’ve shared a bed with. I’ve had many serious relationships that varied in length with my longest being around seven years and counting at the time of this writing. I’ve experienced everything from one night stands, to extended flings, to exclusive relationships, to polyamorous relationships. I’ve had the opportunity to explore every facet of romantic and sexual love, and find happiness and fulfillment in the arms of gorgeous women all around the world from nearly every imaginable background.

I tell you about the experiences I’ve had just so I can establish a little credibility in your eyes, but what I am actually proud of is the fact that I have already helped hundreds of men take significant steps in becoming more attractive to women and finding the connections they seek. I gave advice in my several years of participating in various online forums, published written works about attraction, hosted seminars and workshops, and coached men live with in-field training. I’ve guided men in speaking to women when they’ve never approached random strangers before in their lives, helped them build the confidence necessary to date women they thought were far out of their league, and coached them through every possible sticking point in dating and seduction you can imagine. Above all else, though, I have helped them heal.

If I could offer even just a fraction of the healing I went through to anyone suffering from loneliness like I had, that would make all my efforts into writing and publishing this book completely worth it. If any chapter or sentence in these pages helps you find love, or even just a chance at feeling attractive and desired, I have done my job.

This book is not just an instructional guide on how to seduce women, though. It will include that, but it’s mostly a guide on investing in yourself. And the return on your investment will be a transformation. You will become a man who can attract women, be liked by women, and be loved by women, as easily as it is to breathe. This book will provide all the tools you need to optimally succeed in achieving any goal you have in your dating life, whether it’s to find and marry your soulmate, to have new partners in bed every night for the rest of your life, to avoid mistakes in your next relationship, to be able to make almost any woman squeal and blush with excitement, or even just to finally lose your virginity. Read this book again and again until it becomes a part of who you are, until the habits it teaches you become second-nature, and until you’ve finally found your home in the arms of the woman or women you love. I hope that the words I share with you guide you well in your journey.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Aug 3, 2020
I finally went through a big part of this book, and it is so good!

I especially like Chief's balanced approach, looking at things from multiple angles. Things are never black and white in seduction, and he explores the nuances. And its not just seduction. He gets into psychology and mindset, creating a better life for yourself in general.

Its got something for newbies and vets alike. Great stuff Chief! Looking forward to finishing the rest of the book.