Wealth Reflection: Disconnected Sense of "Nest-Building" Hurting Forward Movement?


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jan 23, 2023
Hey all!

Currently working to put materials together for a contracting role and am considering taking on a sales role. I'm noticing that I have a disconnect between my drive to get girls and making progress career-wise. I feel like these probably should be somewhat linked, a la "sexual transmutation" (I don't put too much stock into other Think & Grow Rich type ideas). I got into this site young and quickly placed my focus on what is espoused here and my career drive has seemed to be pretty low as I don't associate wealth with getting girls like most guys do. It's rather problematic at this point and I need to turn this ship around, but it's very interesting what disconnecting nest-building activities from ability to get girls seems to have done to where my focus gravitates toward (ie. get fundamentals together and go meet cute girls, not work on valuable spreadsheets).

Does anyone else have this dynamic going on? I have a good degree from a top university and desire to live better than my parents, but the drive I get from sexual energy ends up being distracting more than anything as I try to build financially rewarding skillsets.
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