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Oct 9, 2012
Hey there, and welcome to the Girls Chase Boards! I'm thrilled you've decided to stop by - and I hope you'll stick around and become an active member of our community.

If you've been in pickup a while, you might notice aspects of these boards that ring some familiar bells from a couple of formerly amazing, but now defunct, pickup forums. I've cherry-picked the best features of each to build this forum with. My aim was to construct something special here, and I hope you'll find I've succeeded.

The purpose of these boards is to give you access to a community of likeminded individuals, focused on sharing, parsing, deconstructing, and putting back together the dynamics and mechanics and feel of social and romantic interactions. Taking, in other words, something that's long been an art, and turning it into a science that's understandable and learnable and able to be mastered by anyone.

At Girls Chase, our foci have long been:

  • Great conversation skills
  • Great leadership skills
  • Great fundamentals
  • Moving fast with women
  • Handling transition points with finesse
  • Preplanning and adapting seduction logistics
  • Rapid but well-paced physical escalation
  • Great interpersonal warmth and charisma
  • Properly and compassionately managing women's expectations
  • Building and maintaing great and lasting relationships with women

... and the foci here are the same. I, and the rest of the Girls Chase Team, very firmly believe that these - not scripted lines or routines, not complicated drawn-out methods, and not one-size fits all magic pills - are the keys to building advanced, efficient, consistent seduction abilities with the capability to land you any kind of woman you want.

What the focus is NOT on here: getting one special girl (see: "There's This Girl I Really Like, How Do I Get Her?"); keyboard jockeying (a keyboard jockey is someone who gives advice without having the experience or real world expertise to back it up); telling you exactly what to do or say at every single moment of a date, pickup, or seduction; lying to or seriously misleading women (as opposed to teasing, implying, or being facetious with women); or hurting women in any way.

You'll notice we've got a number of major boards and sub boards - that's to help keep things more organized and make it easier for you and the other members to find the topics you're looking for. If you're new, you'll probably want to start in the Beginners Board, and begin exploring from there. One of the first stops you'll likely make outside Beginners is to the Field Reports Board - that's where you can read others' reports of their encounters with women, and share your own. Particularly if you're new to approaching women, you should be writing reports regularly - it's hands down the best way to improve your social and seduction skills fast, because it forces you to remember what you did and analyze it, and helps you get feedback from your peers on things you weren't even aware you could improve upon. Even guys who've been meeting women for years, even decades, often find that when they begin writing reports, they suddenly start figuring out and learning stuff they didn't even know they had yet to figure out or learn.

I advise you to really focus on developing your social and seduction skills in earnest right away. This can be one of those things it's easy to put off and say, "Someday in the future," but the ways improved social skills, confidence, posture, presence, charisma, attraction, and everything else that comes along with this benefit your life are so vast that there's no excuse to not begin working on them immediately.

You're here, you've got an incredible resource at your fingers in terms of the knowledge of legions of your peers working as diligently at learning and mastering these arts as you are or will be - the only thing you've got left to do is get started.

I'll see you on the Boards.

Chase Amante

November 2012
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