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Can’t figure out how to dm but are you still in nyc? Need a wingman, this summer is about to be big
Hi michael, not sure if you meant Rain but I've never been in NYC.
A degree that is 10x better than Gender studies. Worth getting it. 'Home date' -.-"
2 approaches
1 number
Sticking point : Direct Intent
(will detail in journal soon)
IMPT: Any intermediate Indians, please share your notes on anxiety and managing it. Break it down in small pieces. A big PUA market, underserved because it's not broken down to pieces. Small steps
Thanks Zac, i appreciate that

if you don't mind, may i ask where you are from ?

I am thinking about making a separate post on what makes me anxious or what kind of psychological frames i feel when i think about approaching strangers women

if you think there's a better way to communicate this, let me know

hope i can help out the GC community and i also offer a new perspective to everyone here
Asia :) For Islam, sex means going to hell. This is perfectly okay. For Indians, it's more for marriage, culture. For chinese, it is more of what we called here as 'waterface'. Middle East, Pakistan revolves around pretty much the same as Asians, though it is impt to know that we are in a revolution. Your issue is likely family. It is impt to be self aware of that first. :) Then you can start be growing independently
ah ok ..

btw nice to meet you, fellow Asian !

i meant a slightly different thing inmy post, sorry if i didn't come across as clear.

what i meant was to tell the PUAs here what i feel like so that they know about how Approach Anxiety works in conservative countries or what do the men here feel like about approaching women

hope i was clear this time :)

P.S : would also love a chat with you sometime !
Imagine my smile, waking up and seeing a Girlschase article heavily featuring my favourite RTS games. This is truly the best of 2 worlds, game.. and well game.
I told Chase I had a weird idea for an article. He got curious. I told him what he was... and he was like "hahaha fuck yeah". So it happened.
Are you going out on V day because of you or the stadium? Most of us want the latter. You can linear both goals together but never mistake one for the other.
Chase's latest article is what I meant by he can help people so much more. That front end content. There's too much idiocy in the world today and I'm pissed.
This is me, peterdk234
Decided to reskin my profile. New name and new pfp. Pfp is from mount and blade warban nord/sea raider faction and name is just cool and Phoenixes are like fire birds and i have red hair so ya
I wrap girls in blanket like a sweet wrap when they reject me for sex. Then i send her out the door. *insert angry nose emoji*
5 sets

Got one fake number as well and i didn't close set no. 5 cuz she said she was married (99.9% number flake). Should have gone for an instant date and same day lay ugh.
(Edit): both numbers were fake lol. Never had that happen where i get 2 fake numbers in a row.