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I'm pretty sure some of you guys have bigger cocks but going out and getting the virus will affect not you, But your family and friends who are already have some sickness, this is 50% more chances of fatality.
As a collective, Asians are better. But with skeletons in the closet. As an individual, Americans and europe will always be better than us at innovation. But the handling of coronavirus is something interesting to watch.
Hi Carousel! Read your post on TRE exercises as an anxious, hypervigilante person. The experience was great! Never felt anything like that before. I would have posted on the thread but didn't have access. But thanks!
Hi Varoon, just moved to NYC, day gamer after work and occasional night gamer. Lemme know if I can tag along sometime.Thanks!
Advanced Guys biggest fear is his void (pre-state). For having women is perceive state. Our job is to recognize our pre-state. My pre-state is a narcissistic mother. Then marriage or Dan bilzerian or life full of Pokemon becomes fulfilling. For we as male, start perceive first. Anyway, Bless everyone :) - Zac
Hey @Carousel!

I tried to reply to a post on the Advanced board but couldn't.

Can you help me? Thanks!

You have the lowest rank at the moment, and thus you can't reply there :D I have already asked Teevster to fix you rank, this requires admin rights I believe.
LOL! Awesome, I'm a green newbie! Cool, I messaged Teevster earlier today about something else. Great, thank man! :D
Now it should work!
Personal Focuses When Approaching:
1. Play to win
2. Persist through 3 rejections (unless clear, and unambiguous no)
3. Compliance
4. Premise/sex jokes
Would you currently be in Chiang Mai by any chance?
Your picture resembles a youtuber i follow.
Tony D
Tony D
No. I was there last year for a month. I'm in Canada at the moment.
Let me know if you come back to SEA. I always enjoy meeting up with fellow travellers.
In the meantime, i look forward to talking more on the forum.
Stay SAFE America. Haha! You have one UROBOROS case in Boston. Damn it i play too much Resident evil!
Hi! Fellow resident here.

Hope game has been going well for you! Keep it up man!

So far only done day cold-approaching in Orchard (about 50) and almost no success since I'm just feeling my way around.

Happy to have a chat anytime. Just that I'll probably only be in the country during certain months of the year.

Thanks for the advice Zac
You seem to know quite a bit about Singapore
Can't say that if it's not Orchard drop the fundamentals though right? haha
Very good point that it's a rich area though, will try aiming at a different area or incorporating cold approach into routine travelling
Asia = Saving Face is also very important. :)
Damn that's hilarious. Really LMAO when saw your reply HAHA.
Taking it right from Chinese culture XD
Stay safe GC members travelling to Asia. And don't eat BATS! LOLX. It is currently on caution here.
Please Read My Latest Topic. THANK YOU!. I hope i have peace response from you guys.