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I need to keep my head intact. I must use what I have to help more and more unhappy people who comes into this forums. *Press nuke button*
Hey, saw your post - I'll be visiting ATL from Wednesday, Mar 30, through Monday, Apr 4.

Are you going out during that time? Looking for a wing who could show me around. Open to day or night.

Feel free to DM or email:

Goal, by end of year bang Dua Lipa, Kimbra, any albanian girl uhhhhhhhhhh ok no this one in INstagram, get bck tgthr wt m fms gf, Royalty Checks in the mail
Today , went out for a daygame session after a very long time. Felt zero AA but realised my biggest issue is a serious lack of hunger and fear of success rather than otherwise .
Do you mean low sex drive (when you say "lack of hunger")?
Yes you can say that but also a general lack of hunger for success , too .