1. Spyce D

    4 approaches a day challenge + Going solo from now

    I had a really good wing with whom I gamed for a while last week who helped me get out of the rut . But , he won't be available for some time . So , I decided to use whatsapp groups to find another ones . Weird thing in pua community ( atleast outside of this forum) is lack of understanding...
  2. mist

    A Challenger Approaches

    @mav3rick Wassup.
  3. MrRapo

    MrRapo's 4approachesfor30days challenge

    So @topcat and @terminator92 are doing the 4 approaches for 30 days challenge atm. Reading their journal inspired me to do the same, so I’ve decided to join them and keep a journal for accountability as well. I will go approach girls every day regardless how I feel. Hopefully this will also...
  4. terminator92

    4 approaches 30 days (Chase 30 day challenge)

    Hey guys I consider myself to be an intermediate in Game. Especially daygame as I have had a few successes and quite a significant number of approaches under my belt. But I have never been consistent and always stopped approaching when I found a girl to have a relationship/mini-relationship...