1. ZacAdam

    Covid Secrets: Reality, Timelines and Painting Pictures Together

    Hello everyone. Whenever you find yourself arguing with another Girlschase member, Stop. (Macro goal) 1)Recognize the situation (state) 2)Be Aware of the situation (state) 3)Find where is the situation (state) To make it simple, are you on the same timeline? (Macro goal) Out of 10, 9 times...
  2. ZacAdam

    Covid Secrets 5: LEvels

    Hello People, Females are three states out. Especially university females, liberal females. And how does this affects you? An example: I didn't have the proper vehicle, establish the vehicle, to actually deliver what I intend to, on my last post. And I don't even know if Chase can...
  3. ZacAdam

    Covid Secrets 4: Context

    Hyperbole. I am sure that Chase, he doesn't care about the state of the world by now. He is going full 'George Carlin'. Lolx But he is only the first half.
  4. ZacAdam

    Covid Secrets 3: Time ONLY Exist (when thoughts and reality need to meet)

    Time doesn't exist. Time doesn't exist. I have browse thru tiktok and this couple was not engaged in March. Fast forward, she was engaged in November. This is not the first time i see this. I'm like *clicks*. Cougars are not Cougars. She is just completing her phase of life at a later age in...
  5. ZacAdam

    Socializing Paradigm shift

    Hi Guys, I had many paradigm shifts from GC. So I thought I share something I found so that everyone especially Chase and the gang can write great articles. so here we go. (Business owners. You guys will love this because I'm revealing a loophole inside the human brain. A manipulation...
  6. ZacAdam

    As long as you believe, you will lose. [Open the Link]

    I have told guys in Girlschase. That if you believe that women are this or that, it will be used against you. Either by her unconsciously or you unconsciously. Even the senior members. All of us. We believe that we cannot get girls because of this, this, that. We fall into the manipulation of...
  7. ZacAdam

    What God Will Tell Women At Plains Of Resurrection

    Your mother is not you. Your girlfriend is not you. Women are not you. But they keep pushing this self destruction button. In business, it's throwing rocks at red Ocean. Creating hate. Because the show must go on. Having other real estate agents as real estate partners...... because there is...
  8. ZacAdam

    Trapped By Your Own Mental Frame

    This post is Abit long. But thought I share something during this global lockdown. and don't worry if you don't get this. I hope ppl don't. Haha. There's dark/it is what it is, stuff. Anyway, A recent post had 2 sentence by Tony D which he noted, "Don't let the image of who you think people...