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  1. C

    Resident Wingman in Scarborough area?

    Hi, I'm Richard, 24, I lived in Scarborough my entire life. I just discovered this sub-thread so not sure why I haven't utilized it yet. Background: I've been reading a lot of GC material and have done some cold approaching, bar pickups, and in-person speed dating. Even though I'm still...
  2. C

    Missed signs and subtle cues??

    Hey guys. I made a recent post regarding my speed dating experience with a girl I've met recently. This experience came up after I decided to ground myself in natural mindset and balance that out with technical game. But it seems I still have some work to do. Based on how I would usually handle...
  3. C

    You never know when you'll see a woman you really would like to meet. How do you train yourself to respond to her presence and quickly approach?

    A quick story about me. In my previous posts, I'm making an effort to balance out my natural game with technical skill and pickup acumen. When I was still technically inclined, one of the things I would do is I would go to the mall for 1 hour and try to find situations where I should practice my...
  4. C

    Finding the balance of your natural behaviour and technical game.

    Short background about me: Back in 2019, I swore to myself to get better practicing the technical game so I could learn all techniques in a toolbox I could bust out in any situation with a woman. Then 2020, I was able to recall back on those experiences and discovered there were key moments...
  5. terminator92

    Indirect/Delayed Direct/Technical Game!

    Hi guys I am doing Chase's 30 day approach challenge. I consider myself intermediate or at least lower intermediate and have mainly done daygame. Almost all of it has been direct daygame. And I have gotten results from it. But now I have moved to a smaller city and lesser volume of women and I...