1. ThePhoenix

    Fight deep approach inhibition in a small town vs. a city? (Inter-continental travels!)

    TL;DR:    Iʼve come temporarily to a town of 14,000, but will soon move to a city of 1.7  million, full  of my type. Is  it worth spending  time trying  to overcome deep‑rooted approach  inhibition while Iʼm here in  this town, or should  I  forget girls here, allowing me to move quicker...
  2. uriel

    Why are all Spanish girls such bitches?

    Not complaing, just curious... this one baffles me. All the Spanish women I meet while traveling behave like bitches upon meeting them. Is it something about the culture? Or maybe they behave like that only with Latin Americans? It's weird, I had some Spanish girls as friends while studying in...
  3. uriel

    Going to Greece

    I’m taking a week vacation to Greece next month. Does anyone know are the women over there?
  4. WittyJester

    Toronto nortorious for being bad at pickup?

    Why is Toronto bad for pickup? What would you suggest doing if you live there?