2 girls, outside workout chat, post WO-foghead forgot take info, found online re convo info and names, creepy?


May 6, 2021
Afternoon I do hill running outside 5 min away from home. Two cute chicks in late 20's are at hill.

We sorta alternate our sprintin, they(!) open up with some short pep comment like "good work" as I run past them when they paused on plateu mid "trail".

As am walking down, i say "thanks, you too", we start chatting for a few minutes then we continue running. After while they take a break we started talking for longer maybe 10-15 min. We talk a bit, i ask them their names, tell them mine, I find out how they got to know eacherother, track n field in nearby municipality, one of the girls moved to my muni. They hint that they have to get running again but the girl that I vibe and have flirtiest eye contact and sits closest ( still like 1,5m ) the most with says something like "this was really nice too"

Inexperience, tiredness, lack of phone/notepad, I donno, i dont get number or last name for FB altough I do get to know that they usually does the hill running on same weekday same time.

next week, looots of rain, I dont go there.

Week after that, bike past on way to errand, no girls

I do simple google search on name and track n field club and find them

If and how do I facebook contact?

Do I rather check the place out one or a few more right times?

If i never see again or too late, overeffort risks and creepiness less of an issue on balance. Mitigate such with good text formulation touching it in light way?


Fuck This

Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Jul 24, 2015
Send her your best selfie headshot in the Social media messaging app.

"Hi this is BB. I was kicking myself that I didn't get your contact info when I met you at the hill. Drop me a line at (xxx)xxx-xxxx if you would care to join me for a post run drink."


Space Monkey
space monkey
Nov 24, 2019
I’d check the place out again and do it in real life.

It happens to us all, I’m still kicking myself for one I didn’t close on a train 5 years ago.