LR  A New York exchange student? Yes Please


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Sep 7, 2014
London, UK
This report is much more recent compared to my last one but still a 3 weeks old.

It's at another party which then transitions to a nightclub and i can safely say that i now know how parties and nightclubs work. I've had so much experience with them, i now feel so relaxed in them. Which is a big step forward compared to a year ago when i would freeze in clubs. In fact my whole persona has changed into one of extreme confidence, sexual energy and a passion for life to the point where I am know told by many people that i am hot/attractive/good looking/sexy etc. I've got to say it is one hellova good feeling. Anyway back to the report.

I'm dressed with a casual red and black check shirt with slim fit indigo jeans and my favorite black Chelsea boots. In case any of you are wondering why i always mention what I am wearing, fashion is one of the easiest things to change and improves your sex appeal greatly. Just read anything by Darius on the girls chase website or better yet buy his book. Very cheap in cost but priceless in the value it will give you. The book helped me change my entire wardrobe and i have definitely witnessed the results of dressing well.

So i arrive at this party in a very calm and relaxed mood. I get right into the social scene and start talking to people. Nothing solid comes through in terms of opportunities but i continue to be social and just enjoy the company of the party.

I outside for a smoke and meet a guy and a girl there. The girl is an american student doing an exchange thing and the guy is just chatting and smoking. I get to know them both. The guy leaves shortly leaving me and the girl alone. Lately i've began to develop this passion for life and people. When i'm talking to this girl and other people, i am genuinely interested in them, and what they have to say, who they are and their story. I'm not concerned with distracting thoughts or trying to plan what to do next with her. Instead those thoughts are more like second nature allowing me to be fully immersed in the moment and enjoy the interaction. And i think the girls or guys talking to me can feel that.

I complement her on her cap, it's brightly colored and abstract. She thanks me. Her accent is american and i ask her where she is from. New York she says. I give a relating but intriguing response, "that's cool, I think New York is an amazing place. So you are also not around from here, what made you decide to travel her?"

With that statement i hint that i have some experience with New York, that i'm not around from here (so where am i from? plus the relating of us both being not around from here.) and finish with another question about her and travel. She tell me about her travelling experiences and her course, what she intends in doing with them in the future. She then asks me some questions about myself which i answer minimally.

Now at this point I haven't touched her or asked for investment, I could have but as for touch, i'm trying to use a new technique called nervous touch, and as for the investment, I guess i wasn't too hooked on her at the time. Anyway my friend then arrive and inform me we are heading to the student club. I say bye to the girl and leave.

Later on in the club i see her again. She catches my eye and my eye and approaches me. I decide that maybe I do want to get to know her a little better ;) I know she likes me and offers me a drink. We get our drinks and then i tell her to sit with me. Where we sit it is quieter and easier to talk. I then use touch and flirt/deep dive a little more.

She then asks me to dance. And so we dance and make out a little. Now i know you shouldn't kiss on the dance floor as it releases sexual tension built up over the interaction but fuck it, haha i lost control. I then tell her that we should leave as the club is closing and have a little drink at hers. She obliges and we head to hers.

Once arriving there it doesn't take me long to get her clothes off.

Now looking back at the interaction there a few points i want to mention. Good and bad things.
The first is matching her pace in the seduction process. Something i've kind of realized about recently is that moving fast without calibration is just as bad as moving slow. But moving at a pace the both of you are comfortable with is often the best path. That doesn't mean you go follow her lead but rather you assess what she is like and how is she feeling at the moment. Is she super horny? Yes, then move fast. Is he really adventurous? yes, then move fast. Is she nervous or shy? Well if yes then take your time and let her ease up, then move forward.
For instance when we first met outside smoking, i didn't press for her to come inside with me. and when we where in the club sitting and talking i didn't press for her to dance with me. But once on the dance floor and after some sexual dancing i did ask her to leave with me. (it could also be social pressure, getting her to mover the interaction forward but there are times when that's blown up in my face.)

The second thing is re-engaging. I've never realized the power of this but looking back at past experience re-engaging is really useful, i'm not too sure how it works exactly. Maybe she feels more comfortable meeting you a second time and all that nervousness of meeting a stranger is gone.

Again please let me know about any thoughts or questions you have