Long-Term Abundance Mentality


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 21, 2012
Hello all,

Disclaimer: This will be a very touchy subject but let's be as logical as possible in this discussion. Keep in mind everyone's beliefs are different and not everyone share's the same morals. Also, not everyone's relationship is the same as yours.

Just Dave here to tackle something that will eventually be asked more frequently, "Abundance Mentality" in a relationship.
Tackling the issue at it's core it all comes down to a commitment issue. I'm going to be brutally honest, guys lose their options when they commit to a girl. This is why choosing the right girl is important in the first place. https://www.girlschase.com/content/choosing-right-qualities-woman
It's also important to keep a girl's feelings in mind too while setting the right expectations. If you feel like you want an open relationship or have more partners tell your girlfriend that up front.

************************** https://www.girlschase.com/content/dont-hurt-girl-importance-expectations Don't hurt a girl
**************************https://www.girlschase.com/content/what-do-girls-look-they-look-part-ii The ideal relationship is mentioned toward the bottom

The Reasoning:
Getting back to the discussion, guys want to feel "safe" just in case things don't work out with their girl. The only logical problem with that is if you spend too much time looking around for new girls instead of spending time on your current girl then your relationship will fail. Then you'll be wondering where things went wrong.

Blame and Neglect:
Keep in mind when a your girlfriend gets "hit on" it's not her fault, think about it before you were with her, you went after girls just like guys are going after your girlfriend. My friend don't be insecure and try to stop her from cheating.
Chase wrote an incredible article on how to prevent cheating! You as the man must lead the relationship and if it fails, it's your fault!

Build up your girlfriend
My friend if you want abundance mentality look at everyday with your girlfriend as a new and exciting adventure.
1. Be Sexy, challenge yourself to stay in shape, learn something new, develop as a person, and continue to set goals.
2. Be Confident, remember you were able to get a girlfriend like her, and if you break up you'll be able to do it again.
3. Be Determined/Driven, know the direction where you want your relationship to go. Be the man, the leader, and get it done! No excuses, it's your life

Make your girlfriend feel beautiful, sexy, and loved. Set up a "team" frame, so that you guys won't be trying to out do each other in childish ways. Make that your mission, if you truly have genuine feelings for your girlfriend you will do everything you can do to get your life together. Make strong, sexy, and passionate love to your woman!!

**************************************** "Every man should know how to please his woman." My own mother****************************

Don't be Complacent:
Do not sit down and quit, woman are creatures that love change.
1. Set the Pace, determine the relationship and steer it where you want to go. Give yourselves short term and long term goals such as traveling, or doing a small art project. Get creative and find out her interests.
2. Learn new things about her, like I said woman change all the time.
3. Keep yourself together, always look to upgrade various areas of your life and strive to success.

Do not put your girlfriend on a pedestal!!
Girls hate this, make sure to have your own life and meet new and exciting people. As much as you may love your girlfriend, she is not the center of your life.

In the end set the right expectation for your relationship, if you want to date multiple woman say it up front. If you want to be in a commited relationship act like it, and don't attempt to live the single person lifestyle.

Get real,

Just Dave