Advice for how to proceed with the Respiratory therapist


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jan 13, 2014
So I met this respiratory therapist (hence named RT) while working at my job and we hit it off quickly and she gave me her number just before I was about to leave and ask her for it.

Here's the text conversation so far:

M: Hey RT, it was a pleasure meeting you today, I'd love for us to get to know each other better! How does grabbing a bite to eat sometime sound? Taco Bell won't be on the menu ;)

(The cheesy Taco Bell line was a callback to a joke we made together)

RT: Good morning! Sorry I just woke up. It was so nice meeting you as well, I hope that the rest of your shift went well! I'd love to get together sometime, we'll have to try to coordinate schedules :)

M: Good morning, RT :) I have to admit, the rest of my shift wasn't nearly as interesting as when I ran into this cute respiratory therapist earlier ;) Though, I never did catch her full name btw...

RT: Yes, we absolutely should coordinate schedules, are you available anytime this week? Ohhh... for Facebook creeping purposes? :p You're right, we didn't exactly have time to exchange complete life stories... This week I have stuff happening almost every night to be honest... when I work my long stretches my friends get a bit clingy and claim me for my nights off lol

M: Haha, I rarely use Facebook but if you want to creep on me, I give you my permission :p My name is Michelangelo.
Yeah, I'd imagine you must be pretty busy, with your friend's wedding happening soon too. Let me know when they get a little less clingy, and hopefully we can figure something out :)

(She looks at my profile)

RT: Do you paint? Holy shit you do paint! That is AMAZING!

M: Haha thanks, so you're impressed with what you see then ;p

RT: So impressed! I noticed they seem to be from a few years ago- do you still paint?

M: Yeah, I still paint often, but haven't posted any in a while. Sounds like you stalked my page for a while then :p

RT: No not that long! Just a quick glance lol

M: Liar, just like you weren't keeping your eye on me that long yesterday :p

RT: I wasn't! Completely innocent, taking care of babies, and doing my job lol

M: More like "I wasn't completely innocent". It's alright, I was pretty guilty as well

RT: Oh, I'm very aware of that :p ;)

M: Are you at work now?

RT: I am not! Watching the blue planet currently because I'm not having much luck falling asleep. Are you working tonight?

M: I find having a cuddle partner helps a lot. My puppy loves to cuddle, do you have a cuddle partner tonight?

RT: The cats are all too busy playing..

M: Yeah I'm working tonight and it's been pretty busy until about an hour ago That's a bummer :p

RT: I spoke too soon, now two of them are laying on me, it was like a swarm!

M: Thats cute, what're your cats' names?

RT: (shows me pictures of cats with their names)

We exchange a few more rapport building texts, which, for the sake of brevity, I'll omit.

The next day
M: Hey, I'm doing a painting this morning, would you like to see a painting as it progresses?

RT: Omg I'd love to I can't wait to see it!

I proceed to do a en plein aire landscape painting for her and take a series of photos as it progresses (something I admit I've done for practically every girl I've started seeing and always works wonders)

RT: You are so talented! I'm blown away! That's amazing!

M: Thanks! I only got this good after years or practice. Hey RT, what do you like to do for fun? :p

RT: Hey you! Yeah I bet it took forever to get to the skill level you're at, that's still absolutely amazing! I'm not nearly as creative, but I love to read and write.. plus anything outside. I'm a bit of a hippy :p

M: Hopefully not the non-shaving armpit or leg hair bit of a hippy, because then it looks like things won't ever work out between us :p :p

RT: Hahahaha okay okay, I'm not that bad. I don't shave my legs often, but that's just because I'm pathetically lazy :p

M: So it's at least not 70s shag carpeting down there, we might still have a chance then ;)

What kind of outdoorsy stuff do you do? (My puppy) and I love hiking together and it's even my hope to go canoeing with him someday :)

(She doesn't answer for a day and I have a weak moment)

M: On your legs! That wasn't a euphemism for somewhere else :p Now I'm embarrassed haha

RT: No no you're totally fine! I'm sorry, I've been running constantly and sleeping when I haven't been traveling the last few days!

M: Oh good :p no worries I understand

RT: How have you been?

(I haven't responded yet)

I think my main problem is that I had her interested but once she said she was busy, I've felt obligated to continue the rapport building instead of focusing on getting her out on the date.

Fuck This

Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Jul 24, 2015
She made it clear she had a busy schedule. Did you do the same? Your banter is cute, and I think she feels comfort. Might consider backing off the contact and let her stew for a while. Then reengage in a few days with concrete plans and an invite to her. She mentioned her clingy friends....don't be like her clingy friends.

Since you are both busy, you might just invite her over for a drink/bottle of wine and to look at your paintings. She has expressed an interest. You can do that at a "non-social hour" when her friends aren't demanding her attention.


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Jul 20, 2015
cut the comfort building shit and shift into making plans to get her out. youre still in decent shape with her but be careful, things can blow up over text quite quick, especially if you get into small talk territory. if her schedule is bad and u must text to keep her warm, keep it to 1-2 flirty texts every 1-2 days. do not close down the conversation to maintain tension. it will help you kill time till shes free

you missed a window there. your painting skills are highly impressive to her and that increased your value in her eyes. she'd likely be more willing to make time in her busy schedule for you after that.

when she said she was at home watching blue planet, you should have pushed for a meetup that night


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jan 13, 2014
Thanks guys, I had a feeling it was like this and I'll reduce the contact a bit and not chase. She's at a wedding this weekend so I will propose meet up next week. I foresee her agreeing to the meetup, I'll just need to maintain my cool until then.

Fog: I absolutely would have offered metting up that day, but I was working overnight that night (we both work overnights btw, which I forgot to clarify)