Anal Beads


Nov 8, 2018
North Bergen,New Jersey
When it comes to anal play, I've only ever had a penis or a ~very~ slender vibrator enter me. I was looking at the anal beads, and those look like they can be potentially very fun. I did some research on what are the safest and cleanliest types, and want to go with either a jelly or (preferably) silicone that doesn't have Phthalates, I don't like the idea of using the ones on strings.

As this is a new type of toy for me, I want to start with a smaller, introductory version of this category of toy. I've narrowed it down to the "Silicone X-10", the "Anal 101 Intro beads", and the "Vibrating Anal beads." The "Luvbeads" look really cute, but i haven't done anything with plugs yet, and the reviews state that they can kind of feel/act like a plug because of their shape. (Although maybe that would be a really easy and gentle way to start crossing into that realm as well?)

Thoughts and real experience feedback would be appreciated! Thank you everyone!