Badoo and TInder (Jamaica yes, Dominicans NO??)


Space Monkey
space monkey
Oct 31, 2019
So with the Coronoa virus we all sitting at home

So I decided to reopen tinder and badoo.
I have some I would say ok photos, they are nothing special but I wouldnt qualify them as bad....I dont know what I reduced 4 years from my age in badoo which is something I am not proud of but if a woman answers I makes ure it is the first thing I tell her is my real age.

Anyways, I love dark skinned women, I like Jamaicans, Brazilians and Dominicans...Also Thailand seems nice.

However I dont get responses except from mostly black women which I do love, but I also love the Dominicanas a lot however I get zero responses....I dont speak any Spanish adn my Bio is in English but I dont feel that that should be a reason not to get any likes

What are your experinces.

Today I talked to a girl in Jamaica she is middle Eastern and I had some real dirty talk with her, dont know if she was trolling because Tinder states she is 5000 km away from me when Jamaica is 8000 km away from me....I asked if her profile is real or fake because she kept telling me that she is looking for a sugar daddy because she broke and she had a rough childhood. As flattered as I am that she was confortable me talking sex to her and telling me she wants me to fuk her, I feel that might be just trolling, I really hope not, she told me it is not a fake account so I will try my best to believe her. She was really hot.

Back to my question I like Dominican women a lot, they are my favorite women by far but sometimes otehr shade of black can beat them like Brazil, Nigeria, Gabon, Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados etc....Also when I was in Thailand it seems they didnt dislike me but I am not getting much matches online.

What are your thoughts, hope I get answers from experinced guys

Note: THe middle Eastern girl is probably a troll, when I opened tinder now her account is gone...The photos seemed real though as she had several photos...That suks. I dont get it how could some men have an insanely tough time with women...It is unbelievable? I really dont want to question the way I look, I always say we are men, looks is not that important as presentation but I am scared now, I hope I never doubt the way I look ever. The feeling that I have some game ended in a second.

ANways it is not the most important thing in the world right now tbh.
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Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 11, 2013
My recommendation would be to as quickly as possible transition from Tinder to phone calls. Because it is definitely possible for someone to go on an Instagram account, download a couple of pictures and make some fake account which looks believable.

Another option if the girl is that into you is to do a Skype face to face call if she does not want to give you her number right there and then. That way you will know if there are any "men"pretending to be women on Tinder. You gotta be very careful these days while still being open to meeting new people.