Long-Term Be Her Doctor


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 21, 2012
After spending the weekend with my sick girlfriend and having plenty of memories of being sick myself, I took an interesting approach to nursing her back to health. I didn't make her feel bad I did three simple things

1. Listened, I asked her where it hurt and what made it uncomfortable.

2. Complimented, I told her she didn't look sick and told her how beautiful she actually looked.

3. Thanked her, she was sick and didn't have to spend the past couple of days with me. She could've spent all day on the couch and watched TV or read a book. But she didn't.

Whenever your girlfriend is sick she'll sometime resist kissing you in an effort to not get you sick. Honestly, depending how your immune system is I say just man up and kiss her. *Disclaimer if she's vomiting or doing something graphic use caution.* Otherwise if it's the sniffles bring her in. The affection you give her allows her to have more energy and motivation to do various things. Another thing you want to keep around is girl-friendly movies, think Forgetting Sarah Marshall or Friends With Benefits. The point something that she would like and enjoy watching. This way you guys can cuddle up with hot chocolate, blanket, and just chill for the night.

And when she's feeling better . . . she will properly thank you ;)

Take care,

Just Dave