Breeze past LMR with eye contact


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Feb 23, 2022
Here is a powerful routine I have found to consistently work for breezing past LMR. It is a simple augmentation to the classic routine of escalate, back off, address her concerns, escalate, back off, (and so on) and you keep meeting resistance.

When do you use it?
This is for those instances when the two of you have already been going at it for a bit. There is clearly chemistry and desire but you can't seem to move things forward. This is for instances where the issue seems to be about comfort, connection, or ASD.

"I just want to get to know each other first"
"Do you do this with all the girls?"
"I just like to go slow"

This is not for instances where the issue seems to be a lack of attraction or desire as it will probably feel uncalibrated, be too much, and maybe even come across as creepy.

So the basic routine is escalate, back off, address concerns, build a little more rapport, start making out, escalate, back off when she objects, and so on. The thing with this is that it starts to become predictable. While you may have done a good job addressing her concerns (which you absolutely must do), the routine of it runs the risk of losing a sense of excitement and desire. It's a predictable and limited move toward intimacy, at this point.

This is when you pull a move that pattern interrupts. building an even stronger sense of intimacy, sensuality, and sexual chemistry.

You start EYE FUCKING each other. No you don't pull your dick out and stick it in her eye. Not eye fucking like that. What you do is when you sense it is a solid moment to escalate again, instead of making out, pull her in real close and start gazing deeply into her eyes. Tenderly caressing her as you do so. You start real casual like. Nothing too intense. Backing off from eye contact, then ramping it up again. Just chatting. Enjoying each other's company.

Keep in mind, this is not a staring competition, so don't go over bored with a piercing gaze. Soft, exploratory, and warm, but with deep intensity. Knowing when to look away and then back again. It is flowing, not stagnant. That's the vibe. When the two of you are most entranced, that's when you lock your gaze into hers.

Start to find a sort of pulse, or rhythm in the way you two are connecting with each other, all the while still gazing. Admiring the depths of each other's eyes. You will start to feel the energy escalate.

Stare deeper. Longer. Keep caressing her firmly, deeply. Her back, legs, neck, face. Grazing her booty, her pussy. Staying close. Grinding harder. Still gazing. Focusing on eye her eyes above anything else. The moment will become hypnotic. The two of you will be lost in each other. It will start to feel like you are already having sex. Even though your dick is not inside of her You are already having sex!

Right when the tension peaks, you make your final move. It is like catching a wave that is cresting. You just coast on into shore.

A refreshing breeze blows past a steel gate.

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then for a woman, her vagina is the door front door.
She is already way more giving of her eyes than her pussy. She makes eye contact all the time, to varying degrees with all sorts of people in all sorts of scenarios. The two of you have already been making eye contact all night, to varying degrees.

Eye contact is a vulnerability that, given our social nature, we all risk on a regular basis. However common eye contact is, it is still very rare that we allow someone to peer deeply into who we are, through our eyes. When a woman is being seduced deep eye contact is a risk, but hardly as deep a risk as having sex. For emotional, physical, and social reasons.

Not only is it a more reasonable risk for her than going straight to sex, but you are also risking a bit of yourself as well. Now she can get a sense of who you are, and where you are coming from. You let her in, she lets you in. You will both have the opportunity to wonder at the reality of the beautiful human beside you.

The thing is, as a man who has cultivated his male sexual drive, your gaze will be far more penetrating. This, coupled with your caressing and grinding, is potent. Her desire to let you in will open wider and wider until she can no longer hold herself back. She has already let you in deep enough to where you have truly met her.

Now all you have to do is give a little knock knock knock on the door, and she is happy to let you in. Ramp up your escalation, and move things quickly towards sex.
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Space Monkey
space monkey
May 3, 2020
Thanks @StrayDog I do this a lot (when I'm not being slow gamed), I don't say much and let my eyes do the talking, it creates a lot of tension but also a very intimate moment. It feels like time stops and it's only the two of you.