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Space Monkey
space monkey
Oct 21, 2019
Hi guys,

I’m getting a little anxious over a girl I dated.

I am pretty experienced myself but I am used to “date down” which is something I want to change this year and start dating more classy, beautiful, educated and ambitious women.

A couple of weeks ago, I added a girl on Facebook and started chatting with her.
It turns out she is an acquaintance of my older sister (I’m 33, she is probably 35) and we got along.
She has the body of a goddess. And she is probably the most beautiful/classy girl I’ve dated so far.
Took her for desert (Apple pie + drinks). We had a great chat with tons of rapport/similarity. (We both have small businesses, our families come from the same area, we are almost neighbors, we both care for family, etc..). I’ve tried to do a little more attraction but she kept some distance and the conversation was diving way deep in a good way. The weather was also a little cold.

Anyway, we had to stop the “dinner” at about 2 hours because she had to go back and do some urgent work.
She also mentioned earlier that some people got robbed outside of her apartment. So she blasted out of my car when we got there (I felt that was a sincere concern and nothing to do with me).

The further I got into attraction was some bantering and lightly caressing her leg on our way back.
There was some good night texts. I was somewhat more direct telling her I want to see her to keep chatting and more.

That was on Tuesday.
On Thursday I went traveling for the weekend and just came back today.

I sent her a message last Thursday but it was a pretty short exchange and I didn’t want to insist.
I sent her another message today asking about her weekend... silence.. then I asked if she wants to grab dinner this week... she said she is busy and has to leave town but maybe next week.

I feel a little anxious. I feel I should have been more dominant on our first date and I am worried I may lose this one.
On the other hand, I am also worried I may be overthinking this.

What is you take?
No kiss first date and I am fucked... or am I getting worried over nothing?

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Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Jul 24, 2015
Her lack of interest drops her to second string. Give another girl a chance for that attention. Go do interesting stuff and put it on your FB. She will see it. It is now in her court to rekindle any connection. Welcome her back if she does but don't go chasing it.

For future reference, find out what her schedule looks like before you pitch a date. Don't just throw it out there.

"Hey how does next week look for you?"

"I've got my kids Wednesday and Thursday and a big Presentation on Friday. Softball Sunday at noon."

"Whaddya say I fix you dinner Friday night after your presentation. Sounds like you need to unwind and relax..."
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Space Monkey
space monkey
Jan 12, 2020
@uriel sometimes there is nothing else to do but wait :)

if she is interested she will say something , otherwise you can just send her a message in 3-4 weeks time and try to set up another date then if she is warm towards you , otherwise just abort ship .

Good looking women , no matter their age have a shitload of options . Consider that there might be another guy in her life since you went towards the boyfriend slot role and not the sexy guy slot :)

I was talking with a cute girl today and she was mentioning that she did an experiment on tinder where she left her fb details there to see how many people will add her , guess what she got like 100 guys adding her on fb and another 20 messages from guys who did not add her and this only in 24h . And again , she is cute not super good looking