Can we archive NextASF somewhere here?


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
South Florida
Cosy! I miss that guy! I feel like I was one of the only few people who ever understood him. He saw the poetry in seduction...

This is awesome. I'll hang around here a bit.

Me man I'm married to HBAngel from back in the days. Happy as fuck with it to be honest, got a little bored of the game.

So I'm missing all of my later ones but most importantly:
1) The gangbang my travelbuddy did in front of me
2) fucking in a hostel in front of others and making her put her finger up my butt
3) fucking two girls on the rooftop of a hostel in the same location two nights in a row, first girl noticing and getting angry...then fucking (or kissing?) me again
4) having sex in the french embassy in latin american capital

I don't really know the titles but those were the stories.

Can I hit you up somewhere?

okay, let me work on this, 0 i will pm you, let me see how i can take care of this for you...Glad you are sticking around...


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Dec 9, 2021
Thanks so much brother, appreciated.

Wow, this does feel a bit like coming home guys.