College girl turns down your offer to go to a social event you're going to, what now?


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jan 1, 2020
M: Hey, I'm going to _______ (event) next Saturday you should come. Put your number in my phone.
F: Oh, I'm busy then I won't come / Oh I'm not into (event)
M: Thinking: (Well fuck now how the fuck am I going to get your phone number. Godamnit, I don't know what to say I was hoping to get you to that event and then I'd take you home after and have sex with you. Realizes I gotta say something now)
M: Oh... Ok
F: Nice meeting you, bye!

Alright, what are some other phrases he can say at this point to prevent it from being another "nice meet you bye" and never seeing her again situations?